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With the deal that American Airlines has with the Miami Heat, for the naming rights of their arena, set to expire an unlikely hero has thrown their hat in the naming ring. Porn site Bang Bros has submitted a bid to name the arena.

The porn site has confirmed on twitter they submitted a bid of $10 million. Opting to name the arena “The BBC” short for “The BangBros Center”.

Let’s be honest here, there is no fucking way possible this will ever be allowed. Even if this was somehow allowed by Miami-Dade county, which it won’t, the NBA will never allow it. And even if somehow the NBA allowed one of their teams to play in an arena named after a porn site, which they won’t, soccer moms named Shannon would shut this fucking shit down real quick.

But, how fucking insanely great would this be (get ready, in honor of Bang Bros I’m going to be using the word fuck a lot)?

The BBC isn’t the stadium name we wanted, but it is certainly the one we fucking need. Honestly just fucking imagine the possibilities. The double entendres to be made.

Heat fans can you feel the burn?

Played over the fucking loud speaker after a big run.

As fans leave the arena the fucking signs say, “thanks for cumming heat fans”. After big wins instead of confetti, foam comes raining down on the fans and players. Or, even fucking better, warm shaving cream.

Also the fact that the NBA is predominantly large black men (who in all honesty probably have BBC’s) will be playing in the greatest double entendre in the world absolutely tickles me.

I have never thought about a fucking porn site owning the naming rights to a sports arena or stadium, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. I need this. Adam Silver, Miami-Dade county, Shannon’s of the world, I fucking need this. So do the right thing, let Bang Bros name this arena the BBC.