Carmelo Anthony
Stop feeling sorry for Carmelo Anthony (Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

Carmelo Anthony is constantly in the news and it’s bothering me to no end. Every single day there’s a new story on Melo. How he should have been on Team USA, how team x might sign him, and how player x believes Melo should be on a roster. I have news for everyone. Carmelo Anthony sucks. He’s a team killer. Stop feeling sorry for him.

Anthony, 35, provides zero value to a team. That’s the truth. He’s a terrible defender, he can’t shoot, and is a ball stopper. Anthony is arguably the biggest cancer in NBA history. That’s Carmelo Anthony’s game. Turnstyle defense while sitting in the post, never passing, and chuking up terrible contested shots. There’s a reason why his teams never won anything. Anthony has made the Conference Finals just once despite being considered a hall of fame caliber player.

Listen, even if you think Anthony was a valuable player (he never was) at this point in his career, Anthony really has nothing left in the tank. He’s proven to be better when he sits on the bench. With the Rockets last year, Houston was +6.4 when Melo sat. They were -11.7 with Melo on the floor. It’s the reason why he got cut. In 2017-2018 with the Thunder, he basically tanked OKC’s playoff chances against the Jazz. OKC was +17.7 with Melo on the bench in the postseason. OKC was -15.7 with Carmelo on the floor. He hasn’t been a positive +/- since 2015 and Melo is only getting older.

One video can perfectly sum up what Carmelo Anthony is. Yes, I know it’s 2K. This is the most accurate description of him.

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t shot 45 percent from the field since 2014. The last two years, Melo is shooting .405 percent. You can’t win that way. In a 3-point shooting league, Carmelo can’t shoot from deep. He’s been under 36 percent each of the last 3 years. Again if you think Melo was a good player (he never was) you can at least admit, Anthony is an eroding player with nothing left in the tank.

For whatever reason, the NBA media continues to not get it. I’m not surprised. They are the dumbest set of media in any sport by a mile. Here’s some of the coverage Anthony has been getting despite that fact that he’s washed up.

What are we doing here? The guy can’t play. The Rockets cut him. Houston got better without him. The Thunder couldn’t wait to get rid of him after tanking their season. The Knicks couldn’t win with him. Enough is enough. Stop feeling sorry for Carmelo Anthony. He sucks. He’s a team killer. All of these things are proven. I’m not sure he belongs in the Big 3 let alone the NBA.