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Bryan Harsin

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Auburn Needs To Fire Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin
Auburn needs to fire Bryan Harsin. If they really want to save their sinking ship program, the first step starts with firing Harsin. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)AP

Auburn Needs To Fire Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin is a dead dog walking at Auburn. At this point, we’re only delaying the inevitable. The Auburn Tigers are a proud college football program that appears to be totally drunk at the wheel. Harsin is guiding a sinking ship and needs to be fired before he does any more damage.

I’m going to be honest with you as I always am. Trey is transparent to a fault. I bet Auburn this weekend against Penn State. I thought +3.5 was too many points and it was a home game a year after they lost a nail bitter on the road. That game was a dead dog loser two minutes into the first quarter. Penn State won 41-12.

Penn State has improved, and Auburn should now be referred to as the SEC’s version of Meg from Family Guy. Irrelevant, not entertaining, the butt of the joke, and cringy. That’s you Auburn and you’re better than that or at least should be.

In that Penn State game, the Nittany Lions had six sacks and gave up zero. If you have lost the battle at the line of scrimmage, you probably have lost the war. The best player on your team is Tank Bigsby, a running back that should go in the second – third round of the NFL Draft next year. He’s been reduced to 39 yards and ten attempts.

Does that sound like a coach that should keep his job? By the way, Bigsby wanted to leave but decided to return because he simply just loves Auburn. Apparently, they don’t love him back because somehow a premier running back playing in the SEC is getting no media attention right now. What more do I need to show you?

Oh, also, where are the weapons? Wasn’t the whole point of moving away from gimmicky Gus Malzahn so that you could actually build a modern offense? You know, like Alabama and LSU who keep producing these monster wide receivers. Auburn still doesn’t have one and that’s on Harsin. The transfer portal fixes a lot of sins pretty quickly.

You got the wrong guy running the show, Auburn. I count maybe one guy (Darick Hall) on your front seven that’s a real NFL player. It’s not good enough. Even when Auburn wasn’t producing the high-round NFL talent, they still had guys like Montravious Adams that made that defense tough to run against. This is Auburn. Your run defense stinks too.

What’s Harsin done to inspire confidence here that things are going to turn around? Apparently, he’s a name for the Arizona State job. You know who goes on that list? Guys who aren’t doing their job at their current employer. You know who else is also on that list? Matt Rhule is on that list.

Harsin was 6-7 a year ago and his team is moving in the wrong direction. Get killed by Penn State at home and I just can’t fathom this puppy turns around given their quarterback play and surrounding talent. You got TJ Finley who looks like a bad skinny version of Jamarcus Russell or Robby Ashford who may as well be Nick Marshall with less talent brought back in a time machine.

Is Auburn winning the recruiting battles? NOPE. Currently, Auburn is 54th in the 2023 rankings behind Vanderbilt. They also got beat by Kansas in the transfer portal rankings and this is an Auburn team that certainly needs help.

How about some positivity to close out the blog by talking about the job Sam Pittman is doing at Arkansas?

Don’t talk to me about how Bryan Harsin can turn this thing around. We have our answer. You got the wrong guy Auburn. Just admit it and move on. Get it over with and fire Bryan Harsin.


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