2017 NFL Draft
Haason Reddick was drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

Has any team had a worse offseason than the Arizona Cardinals? Steve Keim apparently thought that signing Sam Bradford to a monster contract was a good idea. He then doubled down on Mike Glennon with another sizable contract. Tyrann Mathieu also walked out the door for nothing. How can the players inside of Arizona not be frustrated? The Arizona Cardinals need to nail the 2018 NFL Draft because their immediate future isn’t so bright.

Arizona holds the 15 pick in the draft. The Cards really need a quarterback but they probably don’t have the ammo to trade up considering the Bills are lingering in the background with a treasure chest of picks. Waiting until a later round for a quarterback seems to be in their plans, especially after signing those two free agent quarterbacks. Mason Rudolph has Cardinal written all over him. Rudolph, according to most experts, falls in that second round tier behind the “elite” quarterbacks. I have news for Arizona… Mason Rudolph stinks. Big 12 quarterbacks do not succeed in the NFL. Rudolph is a Bryce Petty waiting to happen which is exactly why the Cards will fall in love for no reason.

In the first round, it’s almost impossible to predict what Arizona will do. However, Larry Fitzgerald is aging quickly and John Brown left via free agency. There isn’t a ton of depth at receiver. The problem is this receiver class stinks. Will they trade down to collect picks for a quarterback next year? D.J. Moore of Maryland might be a trade down candidate.


However you want to spin it, the Cardinals need to nail this draft. They hired a shaky coaching candidate, Steve Wilks, who only has one year of experience at a coordinator position. San Fran has Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan, The Rams have Sean McVay and a loaded roster, and Seattle has Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Arizona has their work cut out ahead of them in this draft.