Andrew Vaughn
Andrew Vaughn looks to standout after Eloy Jimenez injury (By James Fegan)

Andrew Vaughn: Breakout Player Watch

When given your chance, you must do everything in your power to keep it. This message is something Andrew Vaughn of the Chicago White Sox now knows all too well. With the loss of Eloy Jimenez to injury, newly drafted standout Andrew Vaughn will soon see his playing time skyrocket. Drafted in 2019, Andrew Vaughn of The University of California found himself in the midst of a very competitive White Sox youth and is now being given his shot at the highest level.

With the loss of Jimenez to a torn left pectoral, Chicago finds themselves without a key bat and everyday left fielder. In an attempt to fill these holes, GM Rick Hahn has announced that Andrew Vaughn will be promoted to the Opening Day roster. Although Vaughn is a normal first baseman, Hahn has stated that he will be given time in left field and may certainly be the Opening Day starter.

As a minor leaguer, Vaughn recorded .278/.384/.449 in 245 plate appearances. This spring Vaughn has really looked to standout, hitting .279/.375/.459 in just 61 plate appearances. It is clear that Vaughn is a great player, his ability to hit for a high average along with driving in runs puts him high on the list of upcoming talent.

The upcoming 2021 MLB season can be whatever Andrew Vaughn wants it to be. After a small stint in the minors, Vaughn is now being given the chance to prove himself in a 162 game season. He must look to become comfortable in his new position but also continue to hit as he has in the past. With a great season, Vaughn could find himself an every day role with the White Sox continuing after Jimenez returns from injury.