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Possible Andre Drummond Trade Destinations

Andre Drummond
(Mike Mulholland | MLive.com)

With a rebuild on the horizon, Andre Drummond may soon depart from the Detroit Pistons. The former UConn big man has been with the Pistons since the 2012 Draft. Drummond was one of the key pieces in a Pistons rebuild attempt that has seen them make the playoffs only twice during his tenure there, and the Pistons were swept in the first round of each playoff appearance. It seems odd that teams would want to trade for Drummond, who is in the last year of his contract and all sources point to him opting out of the final year of his contract and becoming a free agent. But a team that’s in need of a big and is willing to take the risk could pull the trigger.

For a Drummond trade to occur, two things are needed. First, the Pistons will demand young players, draft picks, or both. Second, the money has to work. Drummond is currently on the books for $27 million this year. That’s a good chunk of money to absorb and move for Drummond. Regardless, here are some teams that may make a move for Drummond.

Boston Celtics

Andre Drummond

If the Celtics want to get Drummond, it is gonna cost them. There is absolutely no way the Celtics to absorb that contract, and a buyout with Detroit seems unlikely (sorry Trey). Boston needs a true big man and they have an overabundance at the forward. Hayward has played well this year and it sucks having to lose him, but Brown and Taytum have shown a good amount of growth this year. Walker is running the offense at an efficient level, much better than what Kyrie did in his time with the Celtics. You wouldn’t need much offense out of Drummond, just let him rebound and be a deterrent of defense. Snell is only here to make the money work.

For the Pistons, the part that makes this trade work is if Boston adds the Memphis pick. Memphis has played well this year and has a chance to convey the pick. They most likely will not make the playoffs, meaning the pick could be low enough for a decent spot in the draft and high enough to convey (top 6 protected). The Pistons will also probably have a high pick. Hayward may help with a soft rebuild if Griffin is still on the team. Ojeleye and Lanford could turn into pieces of the rotation in the future. It’s probably the most unlikely trade, but at the same time has some of the best outcomes for both teams.

Dallas Mavericks

Andre Drummond

This was a tough one to try and pull off in the good ole’ trade machine. There isn’t a whole lot for Dallas to offer unless Detriot is willing to take some contracts that will be done in a year or two. Drummond to Dallas would be a nice grab to go along the likes of Doncic and Porzingas. But the lack of assets to give hurts the Mavs chance of pulling this off. Marjanovic is a fan favorite who gets to return and Jackson is young enough to still develop some more. The only other thing Dallas could offer is picks that are far into the future or a good amount of second-rounders. I don’t imagine Dallas parting with Curry, but who knows. It would be fun to see Drummond in Dallas, but I’m not sure how possible this trade is.

Atlanta Hawks

Trading Andre Drummond to the Hawks would mean buying into a full rebuild. The Hawks have decent assets to throw around, and the Pistons will want to get as many as they can. Crabbe is just there for the money. Reddish and Hunter could be interchangeable in the trade and getting Jones gives the Pistons to get a decent young center. The intriguing part of this trade comes with picks. The Hawks have sucked this year, doing well below preseason expectations. They own a good number of picks, and their upcoming pick will be valuable. If the Hawks want Drummond, they may have to bite the bullet and part with this year’s first-round pick. The draft class isn’t very deep or filled with talent, so this may be the year to missout and get it over with. If the Hawks are willing to depart with other picks, maybe they can get away with keeping one of their younger players. The Hawks may have the best offer sheets for the Pistons, making this the most likely, or most in favor of the Pistons, trade (even if it doesn’t go down as I have it right now).

Miami Heat

Andre Drummond

The Miami Heat are another team in the rumor mill but don’t have a lot to trade. There aren’t a ton of picks that the Heat own, but something for Drummond is better than nothing. Winslow and Jones would be tough losses for the Heat, but Morris can stretch the floor and allow more driving opportunities for Butler. The Heat become a bit more competitive and the Pistons get younger. There isn’t a lot to discuss with this trade, but I would lie if seeing Andre Drummond in a Heat jersey would get a small smile out of me.

Toronto Raptors

Toronto is another name that has been thrown around in rumors. Despite losing Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors have played well to start this year. Could Andre Drummond help the Raptors return to the Finals? Probably not, but that won’t stop the Raptors from trying. Gasol has sucked and Anunoby is the only real asset the Raptors have besides sending multiple picks, most of which would have to be in the first round. This is another unlikely trade destination but is one that’s been in the rumors so I at least thought I’d take a shot at it.


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