Andre Drummond
Tony Dejak/Associated Press

Andre Drummond Doesn’t Impact The Game At All

Andre Drummond doesn’t impact the game of basketball at all. It’s time to stop pretending he does. Andre Drummond has great stats, but there’s a difference between having great stats and impacting the game. I was surprised the Pistons were willing to trade Drummond to the Cavaliers. Now, he’s on the trade block and inactive for the Cavaliers in favor of Jarrett Allen, one of the best shot blockers I’ve seen. He’s 27, in the prime of his career and just got benched for a much younger player. Why? It’s simple. He really has no effect on the outcome of a game.

Andre Drummond averages 17.5 PPG on 47.4% shooting. That’s a little concerning considering that he takes 61% of his shots from 0-3 feet and 94.5% of his shots from 0-10 feet. To only shoot barely over 47% taking most of your shots from that range is not good, especially as a big man. He does average 13.5 rebounds a game, but does that surprise anyone? He literally camps by the paint waiting for rebounds. I bet I could get at least a rebound at 5 ft 8 if I camped there too.

Don’t be a box score warrior and get offended by this post. If he was really that good, the Pistons would have traded Blake Griffin instead of Drummond. He wouldn’t be on the trade block for a younger Jarrett Allen. He has no impact on the game just like Hassan Whiteside. Charles Barkley and Shaq ripped him for that exact same reason as well. There’s only one explanation as to why Drummond is going to be bought out or traded, he just doesn’t do anything for a team.