AJ Green
Bengals wide receiver AJ Green is officially washed. Green was a great player but it’s clear he’s past his prime. (Frank Victores/Associated Press)

AJ Green Is Officially Washed

AJ Green is maybe the most underrated wide receiver of my life. I always wonder what kind of numbers he could have put up if his quarterback wasn’t Andy Dalton for the vast majority of his career. Green finally a capable quarterback with Joe Burrow, but it’s too late. AJ Green is officially washed.

Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins were considered the future at the wide receiver position for the Bengals. Well, the future is now because Green is slowly being phased out of the offense. Higgins, the rookie second-round pick from Clemson, is gradually working his way into the offense.

Green has been brutal in every sense of the word. It’s clear the former number four overall pick from Georgia isn’t the same guy anymore. On 33 targets, Green has 14 receptions for 119 yards and no touchdowns. The problem is things are getting worse. Green finished Week 4 with three yards.

One stat tells the story more than others. It’s one thing that Green isn’t putting up numbers. It’s another that he’s hurting the offense. Among all wide receivers with at least 25 targets, Passes to Green this season have produced a passer rating of 52.5 and completion percentage 42.4%. Both of those marks are the worst in the NFL.

It pains me to say this because I love the player. The truth is Green is far past his prime. Boyd, Higgins, and even Auden Tate need to be the focal point of the offense. If anything, trading Green to a contender to try to squeeze out value is probably the right move.