AJ Green
Despite being mistreated and surrounded by mediocrity, AJ Green does not want to leave Cincinnati (David Kohl/USA TODAY Sports)

How do you help a friend who is in an abusive relationship but doesn’t realize it? AJ Green has been a top 5 receiver ever since he entered the league in 2011 as a first round pick by the Cincinnati Bengals. Since that time, the Bengals have rewarded him with Andy Dalton, Marvin Lewis and zero playoff wins. Nobody even mentions AJ Green as an all-world talent because of the situation he is stuck in.

It turns out that Green doesn’t feel stuck, mistreated or abused. Green loves Cincinnati and doesn’t want to leave. God help his soul.

Cincinnati is home for me,” Green told reporters Friday at his youth football camp, per Fox 19. “This is home as much as South Carolina. All I know is Cincinnati.

“I can’t see myself playing anywhere else or playing in a different city. Hopefully I can be here for a couple more years. We’ll see on that part.”

Green, soon to be 31, is in the final season of a four-year extension signed in 2015. When the 2019 season begins, Green will be the 14th highest paid receiver in the league earning $12.2 million. This is a total travesty. Green isn’t only underpaid but also doesn’t want to leave a terrible franchise that has never won anything.

For the sake of NFL fans everywhere, I really hope Green changes his tune and considers signing elsewhere in the offseason. I can’t take another go around of Dalton to Green and the mediocrity that always follows. It’s not Green’s fault.

In 9 NFL seasons, Green has made a trip to the Pro Bowl 7 of the years. The other two ended in season ending injuries. Green is one of the best receivers in the NFL and I’m tired of watching him get mistreated and be okay with it. AJ Green deserves better.