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AEW Rampage Grand Slam Preview (9/23/22): Action Bronson Makes AEW Debut

AEW Rampage (9/23/22)

Credit: AEW

AEW Rampage (9/23/22)
Credit: AEW

AEW Rampage Grand Slam Preview (9/23/22): Action Bronson Makes AEW Debut

AEW Rampage Grand Slam is set to feature many matches, eight to be exact. This episode of Rampage is a two-hour special. The show is usually only one hour, which gives AEW the ability to give more wrestlers television time. Rampage has been extremely lackluster as of late. It’s clear that AEW isn’t putting that much effort into the show and they care more about Dynamite. Let’s hope this is the start of a new era of Rampage. Here’s what to expect heading into the show.

Golden Ticket Battle Royal

AEW is holding a battle royal to determine a new challenger for AEW world champion, Jon Moxley. It’s unclear how many wrestlers will be in the match, but usually, it’s twenty. Assuming it’s twenty, about half of the field has been announced. The competitors are Evil Uno, Number 10, RUSH, Jay Lethal, Lance Archer, Penta, Hangman Page, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver. It will be interesting to see how it plays out since Dark Order has four members of its group in the match along with Hangman Page. The winner of this match will receive a future world title opportunity that will be announced this week. With this number of wrestlers in the ring, anything can happen on AEW Rampage Grand Slam. Friends turn to foes and unique teams form in this chaotic match.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks

The former best friends face off for the second time. The first match took place at All Out a few weeks ago. Hobbs got the better of Starks beating him in about five minutes. Ricky Starks is looking to get revenge for not only his loss, but his friend turning on him. Once Hobbs turned on Starks, Team Taz imploded and everyone went their separate ways. Furthermore, Starks lost the FTW title on the same night. So Starks is looking to even up the series by picking up a huge win that can change the momentum of his future in AEW.

Rey Fenix (c) vs Jungle Boy

Two of the best high-flyers in AEW are facing off for the first time ever. Rey Fenix is a member of the trio’s champions, Death Triangle. Jungle Boy is a former AEW tag team champion but has been having a rough go of things as of late. It all started with his mentor, Christian Cage, turning on him. Also, his best friend and tag team partner, Luchasaurus, turned on him as well. After Jungle Boy returned to television, he challenged Christian Cage to a match at All Out. Jungle Boy went on to lose that match at the hands of Luchasaurus. Prior to that match, Luchasaurus realigned himself with Jungle Boy. But ultimately he was always aligned with Christian Cage. Jungle Boy is coming off of a huge win over professional wrestling veteran Jay Lethal. A win over Rey Fenix is exactly what Jungle Boy needs.

Eddie Kingston vs Sammy Guevara

Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara are set to do battle. These are two men who absolutely hate one another. Also, they are a part of two groups that are bitter enemies. So they’ve crossed paths before, multiple times. In fact, Eddie Kingston threw Sammy Guevara off the blood and guts cage. Sammy Guevara is everything that Eddie Kingston hates. Kingston and Guevara got into a real fight backstage a few weeks ago. They both got suspended and have moved on from it. This is the first time these two will go one-on-one in AEW. This is the ultimate grudge match by two men who hate each other. Furthermore, I anticipate the match is going to get personal fast. Kingston and Guevara have such a contrast in styles it will be interesting to see how they do in the match.

Wardlow (c) & Samoa Joe vs Josh Woods & Tony Nese

Two people with common enemies join forces. Wardlow and Samoa Joe both have their issues with Josh Woods and Tony Nese. Samoa Joe recently beat Josh Woods to retain his ROH television title. Since arriving in AEW, Josh Woods has aligned himself with Mark Sterling and Tony Nese. While Nese and Woods haven’t been winning much, they have been getting opportunities on AEW Rampage. It’s safe to assume that if Woods and Nese pull off the upset, they will see future title opportunities. Not many wrestlers hold a victory over Joe and Wardlow so Nese and Woods have their work cut out for them. Will they shock the world and pick up a crucial win over two champions?

*TBS Championship Match*

Diamonte vs Jade Cargill (c)

Jade Cargill has yet to get pinned in AEW. She has over 35 wins and most of them coming in a dominant fashion. She has been looking for a new challenger for the TBS title and found one in Diamonte. Cargill has given anyone and everyone a shot at the TBS title and she has beaten them all. She is looking to continue her dominant streak by beating wrestling veteran Diamonte. Diamonte is going to have Trina in her corner to make sure the Baddies don’t get involved in the match. She is looking to pull off the ultimate upset by beating Cargill and winning her first title in AEW. This is an opportunity for Diamonte to change the landscape of her future in AEW. One match can change her entire life.

HOOK (c) & Action Bronson vs Matt Menard & Angelo Parker

HOOK has had his issues with Matt Menard and Angelo Parker in recent weeks. He successfully retained the FTW title by beating Angelo Parker on AEW Rampage. After the match, Matt Menard came out and blindsided HOOK. Menard and Parker jumped HOOK until someone came to the rescue. Famous rapper, Action Bronson, was in the crowd for the event. He came to the rescue of HOOK and helped fend off Menard and Parker. Later in the night, Action Bronson and HOOK challenged Menard and Parker to a tag team match. This is going to be Action Bronson’s first time in a wrestling match. It is going to be interesting to see how he does in the match because this is a sport like none other.

*No DQ Match*

Sting & Darby Allin vs House of Black

Sting and Darby Allin have had their issues with House of Black. Darby Allin and Brody King have a rivalry that dates back a couple of years. As of late, it seems the feud between these men heated up. Allin and King absolutely hate each other. So this match is going to be pure chaos on AEW Rampage. There are no rules in this match and with it being a tag team match, it is going to be intense. These men are going to use every possible weapon to inflict the most amount of pain. I don’t think it will take long before these men are fighting throughout the entire arena. This is another situation where these men can’t stand the other. So I fully expect this one to be every bit violent.




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