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AEW Dynamite (8/3/22)

Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite Results and Review (8/3/22): Factions Implode

AEW Dynamite (8/3/22)
Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite Results and Review (8/3/22): Factions Implode

AEW Dynamite was packed full of action, with six matches on the card and we got to hear from some of the biggest stars in AEW. There was a first-ever match stipulation that took place, plus some grudge matches. Although the show didn’t feature the TNT, TBS, All-Atlantic, or tag-team champions, it was still an entertaining episode of AEW Dynamite. In case you missed it, here’s everything that happened.

Orange Cassidy (of Best Friends) vs Jay Lethal

Although these men have pretty much just sparked their feud, it feels like it has been going on for too long. They have had their issues with each other for the past couple of months but just started to take action. I did enjoy the match, but it feels like the feud isn’t over yet. All of the men involved with these two teams are really good, so they deserve something more than this. Best Friends already faced Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh last week, so we didn’t need this match.

Wardlow coming out adds an interesting dynamic to the equation. His intentions haven’t been stated as of yet, but he did show signs of respect towards Cassidy after their match a few weeks ago. After the match, Sonjay Dutt wanted Wardlow to put the TNT title on the line against Lethal at Battle of the Belts. Wardlow accepted and the match was made official. Overall, the match was decent, but it did give us Wardlow vs Lethal for the TNT title, so I’m content with it.

Result: Jay Lethal def. Orange Cassidy

Undisputed Elite Returns

Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson came out to the ring to cut a promo. This is the first time in quite some time we have seen Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly. Adam Cole reminded the world how good he is on the mic. This was an emotional and powerful promo, but the pest part was when Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly turned on the Young Bucks. Cole and O’Reilly aren’t medically cleared yet, so they attacked the Young Bucks to inhibit them from competing in the trios tournament. AEW announced and revealed they added a trios title and will hold a tournament to crown a champion. Although this isn’t how I expected the breakup to go down, it was a good way to do it.

We Hear from Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley cut a promo backstage stating he doesn’t care who he faces next. Wheeler Yuta is going to face Chris Jericho and if Yuta wins, he gets Jericho’s title shot next week. Moxley cut an intense promo and proved why he’s at the top of the business. The promo got me even more excited about the match next week.

Thunderstorm (Toni Storm & Thunder Rosa (c)) vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

This match was really good. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because these are some of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet, but Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa aren’t really a tag team and Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter never won as a team. All four women showed they can work together with their partners and put on a great tag team match. Although Thunder Rosa has been defending her title, I feel like we still need a challenger with a longer feud. After their impressive victory, Jamie Hayter is going to face Thunder Rosa for the women’s title at AEW Battle of the Belts. Hayter looked really strong in this match and showed that she is slept on as a wrestler.

Result: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter def. Thunderstorm

Powerhouse Hobbs in Action

Powerhouse Hobbs was scheduled to be “in action” which meant he was going to squash someone. He did just that and more. Before the match, Taz announced that Team Taz is done. Team Taz consisted of Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, and HOOK. I’m not a big fan of these types of matches that AEW seems to do a lot. It was nice to see Hobbs wrestle someone who had some size to him because typically it’s always someone who is undersized. Ricky Starks coming out after the match and brawling with Hobbs was great and helped build the hype for the future match. The point of the match was to make Hobbs look strong, but he has already proved himself to be extremely dominant — so we didn’t really need this match.

Result: Power Hobbs def. Ren Jones

Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage

Christian Cage has been having an amazing run since he turned heel, reminding a lot of people just how good he really is. With that being said, we didn’t need this match to happen. There was no purpose to it and was just a waste of time. Although it was nice to see Jungle Boy come out, the match was underwhelming. It seems like AEW is trying to build the match between Jungle Boy and Christian Cage slowly, so it takes place at All Out in September. With only one women’s match on the card, there were a couple of matches that should have been cut and replaced to give the women’s wrestlers more time.

Result: Christian Cage def. Matt Hardy

We Hear from Ethan Page

In my opinion, Ethan Page is extremely underutilized by AEW. I can listen to him scream into a microphone every week. He cut an intense promo asking why he isn’t on television every week. Page is a part of American Top Team, but seemingly just got recruited to be represented by Stokely Hathaway. Hopefully, this is the start of a big push for Page. It will be interesting to see where American Top Team goes from here.

*Dumpster Match*

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) vs Gunn Club (Colton & Austin Gunn)

This match was extremely entertaining. It was just the right amount of chaos and hardcore, mixed with just pure fun. We haven’t had a dumpster match before, so many weren’t sure what to expect. The way to win was by putting both members of the team in the dumpster and closing the lids. There were some brutal shots with the trash cans and Max Caster had a high spot. He jumped off of the tunnel with a flying elbow and landed on Colton Gunn, who was laying on a table. Both of these teams are extremely entertaining and the Acclaimed are over as ever. They work well together and have great chemistry. Hopefully, we get to see more of the Acclaimed on AEW Dynamite.

Result: The Acclaimed def. Gunn Club

Chris Jericho (of Jericho Appreciation Society) vs Wheeler Yuta (of Blackpool Combat Club)

On paper, this match was very intriguing. The young Wheeler Yuta had the chance to put his skills to the test against a veteran and one of the best wrestlers of all time, Chris Jericho. The match itself was pretty good. Jericho showed he can still hang with the young wrestlers, making Yuta tap out to the lion tamer was a smart idea. Jon Moxley wanted the lion heart version of Chris Jericho next week, so that gave us a taste of it on AEW Dynamite. Both men looked strong in the match, but Jericho outsmarted Yuta and made him tap out.

Chris Jericho is now going to face Jon Moxley next week at Quake at the Lake for the AEW World Championship. That is going to be their second match in AEW history, and it will be a good one. These men are a part of two groups that absolutely hate each other and what they stand for. So, the match has all the makings of a classic and it will be Moxley’s toughest test since becoming interim AEW World Champion.

Result: Chris Jericho def. Wheeler Yuta





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