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Addison Rae Gets Heat While Working The UFC 264 Event

Unless you have been living under a rock or do not look at social media, you know who Addison Rae is. Rae like many other influencers took the internet by storm and gained a massive following mainly through TikTok. With over 80 million followers over multiple social media platforms, Rae has become an internet icon. With the UFC 264 event taking place in Las Vegas this weekend, Rae was tasked with interviewing some of the fighters. As any social media star would do, she went to Twitter to post pictures of herself at the event, and let me tell you people went ballistic on the girl. This is the tweet that caused Rae to receive all kinds of backlash.

Rae was clearly making a joke but once again the internet proved to be the definition of “Charmin Soft.” She posted two pictures with a harmless caption and the miserable people of Twitter came with vengeance. Here are just a few examples.

The AUDACITY.. do you know how many people who are more trained and qualified who have been studying this and putting their WHOLE life savings into college that you took this away from. i have a friend who studied for SIX YEARS only to have thus shoved in her face. disgusting

via Carol on Twitter

The fact u still have this tweet up is so disgusting like people have been going to school for years who actually deserve to do that job other than a “social media influencer” who only got it bc of her fame.

via Victoria on Twitter

Some people work really hard for jobs like this. and she gets it because she is famous? this is so unfair, im so sorry to the people that have worked their ASS OFF to get into journalism!

via Romina Brsa on Twitter

If people are mad that Addison Rae got an opportunity to work a UFC event as opposed to someone who has worked for a career in journalism, let me be the first to welcome you to the real world. Professional sports are a business and Dana White has proven to be the ultimate businessman. He chose to hire someone with a massive presence on social media who can attract exponentially more people to UFC than some reporter no one knows. For the people saying she only got the position because of their fame, news flash, famous people tend to get awarded opportunities regular people do not. Why, because more audience means more people watching and more people watching means more money in people’s pockets.

I have no problem with Addison Rae taking this opportunity. She has a huge platform, she might as well use the advantages that come with it. Go get that bag.

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