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dumbest thing read

A Record Was Just Set By An Intern That May Never Be Broken

dumbest thing read

Jackson D’Angelo Just Made History

It has been a wild 24 hours to kick start the Spring internship here at Vendetta Sports Media. Yesterday, we had our intern draft where the vets draft new, incoming interns to be their mentors and Trey chooses a winner at the end of each semester. I am the back-to-back intern draft champion and was looking to complete a three-peat. By winning last semester, I had the first pick in the draft. I was torn between Griffin Crest and the person in question: Jackson D’Angelo. I went with DLo and it is safe to say that was the worst-case scenario.

I choose Jackson D’Angelo over Toothpaste because of the hours. 480 needed to be completed by DLo. Think about that. That is basically a 9-5 from now until the semester ends. That’s AT LEAST 200 articles, along with countless streams and other video content to create. Plus, after having a conversation with him, he seemed like a good dude with a solid head on his shoulders. Very thankful for the chance to come work for this company. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Watch the emergency press conference Trey and I just had to get the details.

Can you believe it? This numbskull Jackson D’Angelo thought it would be a good idea to completely goof all of his hours and think no one would notice. Nine hours just on research alone for two articles? Two hours editing his work when we have an editor (the great Alex Cervantes) who will take care of all of that? Spending three hours looking up info for articles that Trey already dropped in chats? How was this ever going to be acceptable? Luckily, something good did come out of this.

Jackson D’Angelo set the record for the fastest an intern has ever quit their internship. Guy started on Monday and is out within the week. I don’t think that will ever be topped. This is our 100-point game. Our Ironman streak. So thank you DLo for at least contributing something. Let this be a lesson to the interns in this year’s class and every class going forward: use common sense when filling out your timesheets.



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