EA Sports
Credit: EA Vancouver/Electronic Arts

EA Sports have a back catalogue to make any sports-gamer blush. Which titles should make a comeback?

EA Sports has become synonymous with sports in gaming, with their possession of leading sports IPs such as FIFA, Madden, NFL & UFC.

Not all of their sports franchises have survived the test of time, however, with even cult-favourite titles being abandoned and discontinued.

Despite coming under criticism for their lack of variety in their yearly releases, EA continues to dominate the market space they occupy and in having a share in pretty much all of the mainstream sports, that’s quite a sizeable market space.

It’s natural, however, with the aforementioned lack of variety and spotlight on certain sports for gamers to look across their immense back catalogue and pick out titles they would like to see make a triumphant return. So without further ado, here are 5 of their franchises that should make a comeback.

5. NCAA Football

This entry only falls so low because EA appears to have a College Football title in development, EA Sports College Football. However, until there is definitive confirmation that we will indeed get to play in the developmental territory for the big leagues, this remains a franchise in need of revival.

Like the next entry, NCAA Football never got an international release so there is still a large portion of gamers that have never had the chance to experience the title.

With the growing international popularity of the NFL, it would make sense for EA Sports to throw another hat in the mix and cast a significant spotlight on the foundations of American Football; reintroducing NCAA Football to an international audience, with an updated roster, graphics, and gameplay engine would be sure to make a statement.