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2023 NFL Season: Week 3 Overreactions

Alec Ingold

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 3
The Miami Dolphins whipped up a 70-burger on the Denver Broncos in Week 3 of the 2023 NFL season. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2023 NFL Season: Week 3 Overreactions

We are officially through Week 3 of the 2023 NFL Season … where an NFL team scored 70 points?!? Indeed it happened! Now let’s jump into some of our overreactions from this week!

Trey Daubert

Sean Payton will fail with the Broncos.

It’s not hindsight because I said this before the year, but god was that 70-burger funny. Miami could have made it uglier if they wanted to too. He was an idiot for taking that job and nobody should be surprised that he’s failed to fix Russell Wilson. Watch the games. Nobody is saying Nathaniel Hackett was perfect but your ego wrote checks that you can’t cash. Russ doesn’t want to get hit anymore, his eye level is terrible, and he looks 45. Payton was never fixing him.

Garrett Burroughs

Tua Tagovailoa will win 2024 NFL MVP.

Who else is in the running? Who else is leading this type of offense? Look what they just did to Denver! At this rate, we are looking at an all-time offense and a legit contender not only in the AFC, but in the NFL as a whole.

Bryce Young was a mistake at No. 1 overall.

They don’t call it overreactions for a reason. I know he didn’t play this past week because of an ankle injury, but Andy Dalton played fairly well against a good Seattle defense. Then you look at guys like C.J. Stroud, who is off to an unprecedented start, and Anthony Richardson, who also missed last week but has already shown a jump in play during his first game and a quarter. Maybe Bryce Young wasn’t the obvious pick.

James Herrick

Mike McDaniel has Coach of the Year secured.

The Miami Dolphins offense is going wild and head coach Mike McDaniel deserves a ton of credit. McDaniel has revolutionized the Dolphins offense to the point where it is one of the best units in the league. The Dolphins will win a ton of games this season off the back of their offense and McDaniels will be rewarded with Coach of the Year honors. The players obviously deserved credit as well, but McDaniel has done an outstanding job of putting his guys in situations to find success.

Jack Sabin

The Vikings need to trade Kirk Cousins and tear it down this year.

We’ve seen the ceiling for a Kirk Cousins-led Vikings team and it tops out and winning the NFC North while being one of the worst teams each year in the playoffs. This may be the Vikings’ only opportunity to end up with a pick high enough to draft a franchise quarterback. Trade Cousins, re-sign Jefferson with the promise of securing a top QB this draft and the Vikings could pull off an amazing re-tool process. There is a certain team over in New York who I’m sure would be willing to overpay for Kirk’s abilities. Grow some balls Minnesota, get it done.

Matt Hanifan

The Cleveland Browns have a top-5 defense

It’s more than fair to add additional context to who the Browns have faced through three weeks: A Cincinnati Bengals with a banged-up Joe Burrow, the Pittsburgh Steelers with a subpar offensive structure and the Tennessee Titans who are … well, the Tennessee Titans. But the Browns lead the NFL in defensive EPA per play (-0.393), defensive success rate (25.8%), yards per play allowed (3.2) and pressure rate (32.3%), while also being in the top-10 in sack rate. That’s not nothing. More daunting opponents are ahead, but the Browns may very well be legit defensively. I guess we’ll wait and see once we get a larger sample.


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