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Fantasy Football OnlyFans

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2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Quarterbacks

Fantasy Football OnlyFans
Introducing the inaugural fantasy football OnlyFans series. Which quarterbacks do I love for the 2022 fantasy football season? (Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Quarterbacks

Let’s call it the antithesis of the Don’t Eat the Cheese series. These will be guys that I’m a fan of for the 2022 fantasy football season that doesn’t appear to be on anyone else’s love list. We’re subscribing early to these OnlyFans. If you’re not early, you’re late when it comes to fantasy football. We’re on the hunt for diamonds in the rough even if we come across a few feet pics along the way. Introducing the inaugural fantasy football OnlyFans for the quarterbacks during the 2022 season.

For the Cheese list on quarterbacks, click this link here!

For the record, this is for two-quarterback leagues. If you don’t play in a two-quarterback league, grow a pair of balls. 32 of them start. Do the math. Why are you playing in a league where two-thirds of the quarterbacks aren’t playable in fantasy? Childish. Be better.

*We’re not including Deshaun Watson because we still don’t know what’s happening. If he plays, it’s obviously a big value.

Derek Carr (Raiders)

I know this one doesn’t maybe count after someone spent $50 on him in my league. However, I think this is the year Carr has his best fantasy season. We’re underselling how much Davante Adams means. We’re underselling how much better Hunter Renfrow is getting. Darren Waller still exists. Carr also has his best play caller ever with Josh McDaniels coming to town.

I think Carr blows his career-high marks out of the water. Big year coming.

Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)

I’m a Tua believer. Always have been. I think the Drew Brees stuff is coming and now he has support. The play caller seems creative. Does another team in the league have a speed duo like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle? Say what you want about the former Crimson Tide quarterback but that guy is damn accurate. I think this is going to work and the Dolphins will be a playoff team. Tua will be more than fantasy relevant. He isn’t a total statue either.

Justin Fields (Bears)

I know, the Bears are a mess. However, are we sure their offense will just be automatically worse? Can it get worse? The rushing is going to be there. He’s too athletic not to pick up some points that way. I just think more so than anything his talent is real so the fantasy points will be there to some degree.

Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars)

Lawrence is too talented not to work. Jacksonville basically didn’t have a coach last year. Are we sure the Jags quarterback can’t put together a really sneaky fantasy campaign? Furthermore, there is rushing potential here too. This is only a matter of time.

Jameis Winston (Saints)

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Winston wins the award for the most underrated fantasy quarterback of all time. When he’s on, he’s the best bargain that’s out there. I’m worried about the Saints losing Sean Payton, but the rest of the staff is still there. They should be able to weather the storm for at least a year.

This Saints team is pretty good too. How does a trio of receivers called Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Chris Olave? Pretty good weapons and haven’t even gotten to Alvin Kamara yet. If Winston can 5,000 yards while blind, he can do it with his vision fixed.

Carson Wentz (Commanders)

Why are so many people just totally out on Carson Wentz? He’s basically free. Ask Karl about Wentz. There is no other quarterback he would rather have. If that’s not good enough for you then I’m not sure what to tell you. That’s the best stamp of approval you’re going to find.

Davis Mills (Texans)

I think Davis Mills can play a little. You have to give it to him, Mills played well despite being in an awful situation a year ago. I can’t see why he can’t get better and turn into a real starting quarterback based on what we have already seen.


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