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2021 NFL Week Six

Brian Fluharty- USA TODAY Sports

2021 NFL Week Six: Biggest Storylines and Takeaways

2021 NFL Week Six
Brian Fluharty- USA TODAY Sports

2021 NFL Week Six: Biggest Storylines and Takeaways

2021 NFL Week Six is in the books. It was a pretty boring slate with a lot of blowouts. The Titans got a huge MNF to win over the Bills, Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence got their first win in London, and Kyler and the Cardinals remain undefeated. Check out other storylines and takeaways from week six down below!

2021 NFL Week Six- Big Win For The Raiders

After the whole Jon Gruden situation went down it felt like the Vegas Raiders were going to limp their way to the end of the season, and who could blame them? Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia had other plans, the Raiders punked the Denver Broncos on the road. While the score only reads a ten-point victory for Vegas that game never really felt that close. Henry Ruggs is emerging as the deep threat we all knew him at Alabama to be, Derek Carr is playing at an elite level and Gus Bradley seems to have figured out their defensive woes.

It felt good to see the team band together around Coach Bisaccia to then go on the road and get a division win. On the other side, the Broncos have severely come back down to Earth. After six weeks I think it is safe to say the Broncos were never really as good as their 3-0 record and today they sit at 3-3, their once-promising season may have ended on Sunday.

2021 NFL Week Six- Sean Taylor Jersey Retirement

The Washington Redskins/ WFT has been a joke of origination since Dan Synder bought the team. With more skeletons in the closet than any other franchise, it seems the WFT has always been involved in an investigation or something shady. These past couple of weeks have been no different. First, Jon Gruden’s emails resurfaced which only shed more light on the horrible things that went on in the Washington facilities. Second, they are in the midst of a federal investigation involving two of their trainers; Doug Quon and Ryan Vermillion. As for Vermillion, he is being investigated for dealing prescription drugs while Quon is in charge of testing for concussions.

I was not surprised this stuff came out, that organization is going to be a joke as long as Dan Synder runs the operation. Like many others, however, I was ashamed that way they announced Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement. The timing just feels a little weird to honor one of the most famous and likable players in your franchise’s history three days before a meaningless game. What made matters even worse, Synder couldn’t even give the Taylor family the small respect of wearing something nice, Synder showed up in a sweatshirt and khakis, what a joke.

Their play on the field was nothing special on Sunday as they were competitive in the first half with the Chiefs only to get blown out in the second half. I am out on this organization and team as a whole.

2021 NFL Week Six- Lamar Jackson and Ravens Roll Herbert and Chargers

On paper, this was the game of the weekend. Two young dynamic quarterbacks in Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert as well as a slew of elite offensive and defensive personnel. This game was over faster than it started as the Ravens jumped out to a 17-0 lead early in the second quarter. The game felt like it was being played in 2017 as Le’Veon Bell and Devonta Freeman were scoring touchdowns for the Ravens. The Ravens are 5-1 and alongside the Bills, look like the best teams in the AFC. Lamar Jackson continues to elevate his passing game and has grown into a really effective pocket passer, combine that with his athletic ability and Jackson continues to provide crazy highlights.

2021 NFL Week Six- Jags End 20 Game Losing Streak

The Jaguars have finally won a football game. 20 games after tweeting they were not satisfied with their first win of 2020, the Jags went across the pond and beat the lifeless Dolphins. Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence both get their first win in the NFL and the Jags seem to have some life in them. On the other hand, Brian Flores and the Dolphins were severely outcoached and outplayed by a bad roster. The dolphins cannot plant this loss on Tua, besides a bad interception he was far from the problem. After last season’s success, it seemed like Flores was on his way to coaching the Dolphins for a long time. Fast forward to week six of 2021 and he might be on the hot seat.

2021 NFL Week Six- Cardinals Dismantle Browns

In the rematch of Oklahoma Heisman quarterbacks, Kyler Murray got the best of the beat-up Browns and Baker Mayfield. It is safe to say my take that Kliff Kingsbury will be the first NFL coach fired in 2021 is not going to happen. The Cardinals remain the only undefeated team in the NFL and sit atop of the NFC West. Kyler looks like an MVP candidate, the offense is humming and they manhandled the Browns without their head coach, play-caller, Rodney Hudson, and Chandler Jones. The Browns were missing Jarvis Landry and Nick Chubb and Baker was banged up but this team still has a number of weapons on both sides of the ball. Had Mayfield not completed a first-half Hail Mary to Donovan People-Jones, they might have only scored seven points in the whole contest.

With Russell Wilson on IR and San Francisco QB woes, this division is going to come down to the Rams and Cardinals. The Cards already beat the Rams head to head but can they continue this hot streak.

Check out week five here, come back for week seven!


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