2021 NFL Draft
The 2021 NFL Draft Stock report series returns for Week 3. It’s dedicated to one player, Chuba Hubbard. (Sarah Phipps/The Oklahoman)

The 2021 NFL Draft is going to be a challenge, with so many games canceled. Don’t worry, my friends, the Big 10 is coming back, and the SEC officially starts next week. It was a lousy slate of games on Saturday. This entire post is going to focus on one game and one player.

Chuba Hubbard sucks. That’s the post for this week. Coming into the season, Hubbard was not on my top 10 running backs list for the upcoming draft. The only game I sat down and watched was the Tulsa vs. Oklahoma State Game. Once again, Hubbard showed me what he is – terrible.

Tulsa exists so that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State can beat the brakes off them in the non-conference schedule. Sorry, Tulsa people, but that’s a reality. That didn’t happen as Tulsa kept it close and lost a good 16-7 game. Some shanked field goals could have made it closer too.

Regardless, it’s Tulsa. If Hubbard is this all world RB, go out there and show it. This idea that Hubbard is an elite RB prospect is a JOKE as the Cowboys RB finished the game with 27 carries for 93 yards and a touchdown. Averaging 3.4 YPC in the Big 12 against Tulsa ain’t it, chief.

Look, the Oklahoma State offense looked terrible in general. Spencer Sanders is a joke. Mike Gundy used three different quarterbacks in this game; it’s not an excuse. Tylan Wallace still found a way to hit a couple of big plays despite it. Outside of one 20 yard run, Hubbard looked very, very average at best.

Hubbard fumbled in this one. Granted, it was a bad snap, but Hubbard should have recovered and didn’t. More importantly, it showed the truth from a talent perspective.

  • Speed is average.
  • Ability to make men miss is poor.
  • Lower body explosion is short burst is also poor.

Let’s just use common sense here. Hubbard was a step behind Justice Hill (who I said wasn’t any good either). Hill can’t even crack the Baltimore Ravens rotation and looks terrible when given an opportunity. That’s what’s going to happen to Hubbard too. This hype on Hubbard is a joke.

Hubbard wasn’t even the best running back on his team. That award goes to LD Brown, who finished with nine carries for 63 yards.