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2020 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 15

2020 NFL Draft

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

2020 NFL Draft
The Joe Burrow love fest has gone too far. Burrow isn’t as good as he looks this year and probably isn’t as bad as he was last year. Check out more on the 2020 NFL Draft notes for the Conference Championship games! (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It’s Conference Championship Week! For some teams, it’s win and get in. For others, it’s a chance to win the conference. These are great games to scout. High competition and no easy plays. This week as we scout towards the 2020 NFL Draft, I kept an eye on Utah Vs. Oregon, Oklahoma Vs. Baylor, and Georgia Vs. LSU. I will say this weekend I didn’t have my normal focus on the games if you know what I mean. The rundown will be shorter than normal. Here we go. Who stood out for better or worse as we look towards the 2020 NFL Draft?

Utah Vs. Oregon

Justin Herbert was better in this one compared to last week. Then again, he wasn’t great or even good either. 14/26, 196 yards, 1 TD. Herbert made a couple of big throws downfield but that was it. Oregon just had better athletes and he let them go win. I’ve sold all my Herbert stock already. I’m not reconsidering.

I keep going back to this but it’s an incredible running back draft coming up. We saw two more good ones that are getting almost no love. I thought Zack Moss was great. He forced 7 missed tackles and rushed for 113 yards and a score. The first man never brought him down and is a load to tackle. He also did great work in the passing game adding 57 yards on 4 receptions. For 222 pounds, Moss looks really shifty and the power is obvious. I like him a lot.

CJ Verdell has great speed and poses and a home run guy. 18 carries for 208 yards. Oregon has great athletes and Verdell is one. For a smaller back, he can run between the tackles which is a great sign. I want to see more work in the passing game, but Verdell looks like a great change of pace back. Looks like he could be what Tony Pollard is in Dallas.

Oklahoma Vs. Baylor

CeeDee Lamb is just soooooo good! 8 catches for 173 yards. Oklahoma doesn’t win the conference without him. He’s the most impactful receiver in the country. Jalen Hurts was just downright not good when throwing to anyone else. He’s not an NFL quarterback either so I hope you’re not on that narrative. Who else is making plays like this?

Lamb belongs in the first round. It’s not a question. He does everything well. Speed, quickness, agility, tough to tackle. The man is just a monster. I think he’s an overall better receiver than Marquise Brown. Maybe not as fast. You won’t go wrong here.

Georgia Vs. LSU

The Joe Burrow love fest has gone too far. He was awesome. There’s no denying it. 28/38, 349 yards, and 4 touchdowns. LSU beat up Georgia 37-10. Here’s the deal. Joe Burrow isn’t this good. He also probably wasn’t as bad as he was a year ago, and he was bad. Burrow has some things I like. Good size and mobility for starters. He throws an accurate ball. That’s not a transformational talent but I think there’s a shot he can be a starter.

The problem is the hype has gone too far. This is a redshirt Senior who is having a breakout season with a new play caller. Don’t scout the result. Scout the skillsets. Burrow isn’t better than Tua. He wasn’t better than Dwayne Haskins either.

Jake Fromm needs to go back to school. I’ve seen enough. It’s either go in the 4th round this year or actually try to break the narrative that he’s not a game manager. When his teammates don’t take over, he stinks. Not a good sign. Go back to school, Jake.


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