2020 NBA Playoff
Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

The 2020 NBA Playoff race is starting to heat up as we move into the next round of matchups. Both the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks have tons of momentum and didn’t have too much trouble in their round one matchup. But to quote the tag line of an obscure 80s show that you probably have never seen, “There can be only one!”. Who advances out of the second round and continues their quest for basketball immortality?

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks come off a 4-1 series win against the Orlando Magic. A few of us here at Vendetta did not pick the Bucks to make the Finals because we did not trust anyone else besides Giannis, and this series seems to have proven us right. Even with Giannis, some of the games were a bit too close for comfort. Khris Middleton had trouble getting it going sometimes and he’s supposed to be the no. 2 guy. Outside of Lopez and maybe Hill, there is honestly no one that comes to mind that I think can help take over the game.

If the Bucks are to win this series, it will have to be because Giannis is dominant and puts the team on his back. Some help from the rest of the team would be nice, but his teammates aren’t the most reliable sometimes. Giannis has to go full freak and will his team to a win. If he can do that, and has a teammate or two that finds their shot, then this should be a piece of cake for Milwaukee.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are defiantly a fun team to watch. While I’m not over the moon for rookies Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn, there is no denying that both have played key roles in getting the Heat to this point. I questioned why Jimmy Butler decided to go to Miami instead of a title contender, but it seems to be working out for him so far. The Heat had no problem handling the Pacers in four games, a feat more impressive than meets the eye. Yes, the Pacers were down a man in Sabonis, but were together still a good team. Miami’s defense kept the Pacers out of rhythm and allowed the Heat to control the game even if the offense stalled.

Limiting Giannis is an obvious goal for Miami. They don’t have to stop him, just contain him. It’s shutting down everyone else that will be key to a Heat win. Giannis can score 30 a game, but limiting Middleton and Lopez and keeping them off rhythm gives Miami the best chance of pulling off the biggest upset of the 2020 NBA Playoff race.


Many analysts believe it’s one of the LA teams and Milwaukee that make it to the Finals. But I have not liked what I’ve seen from the Bucks down in the Bubble. There is no one else reliable next to Giannis that makes the Bucks a confident pick for me. Miami has the better all-around team and Butler is a dawg. Heat in 7.