Saddiq Bey
Laurence Kesterson/Associated Press

We are not far from the 2020 NBA Lottery and it’s time to get back to reviewing prospects. Saddiq Bey is another top 3-D wing that could fit along nicely with any team that decides to draft him. While his offensive game is there, he is lacking somewhat on the defensive end. Is Bey worth taking a shot in the late lottery?

Strengths: Shooting, Size

Bey is a big forward that can shoot lights out from 3. He shot 45% from 3 while averaging more than five 3s per game. That is an insane number from a forward. His shot release is also really quick, allowing him to get shots off even when a defender is fairly close by. Bey’s 6’11 wingspan allows him to shoot over closing out defenders, and he has good enough of handles were, on occasion, he can create separating and pull up. His natural size allows him to guard bigger defenders, but is quick enough to switch onto guards if he has to. Having a big that can guard almost every position on the court gives a boost to Bey’s draft stock.

Weaknesses: Hands on Defense, Free Throws

When I say hands, I mean getting blocks and steals. Bey averaged less than half a block and a steal per game. That’s insanely low for someone categorized as a 3-D wing. Granted, as long as Bey can guard people and shut down the hot man, then he doesn’t necessarily need a ton of blocks or steals per game. As far as free throws go, 73% is not good for someone that shoots as good as he does. Maybe he thrives more under pressure with someone guarding him, but I’ve never understood how people can be bad at free throws. You have all the time in the world to get set, calm down, and shoot.

While nothing really stands out, Saddiq Bey is a solid late lottery pick that can be a day one contributor. Bey can bring great shooting and scoring off the bench and should have no problem guarding second unit players. Best case scenario for Bey is going somewhere that already has established players and not much is asked of Bey.

Best Fit: New Orleans, Portland, Dallas, Sacramento

Current NBA Comparison: Jerami Grant