Aaron Nesmith
(AP/Mark Humphrey)

Aaron Nesmith’s college career got cut short by injury, but my goodness was he having a season before then. Shortened seasons hasn’t scare some teams in the past. Kyrie Irving was drafted no. 1 overall and played less than a dozen games. Before his injury, Nesmith was one of the best shooters in college. Will his small sample size be enough?

Strengths: Shooting, Physicality

Nesmith may be the best shooter in this draft. His shot is pure money and hit multiple threes at a high rate per game. It’s honestly mesmerizing watching him play. In an era in which the emphasis on the 3pt shot has never been greater, Nesmith has the shooting capabilities to make an impact right away. The physical nature in which Nesmith approaches the game will go a long way. Even though his defense and other offensive skills may not be top tier, his work ethic and physicality help make up in area’s where he is lacking.

Weaknesses: Shot Creating, Defense

While Aaron Nesmith is an excellent shooter, he doesn’t do a fantastic job of creating his own shot. That can be fine if the offense works well, but, especially at the pro level, that will not always be the case. Nesmith’s defense isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just now what you would really want from someone that is considered a 3-D wing. Nesmith has a problem of being overaggressive and playing really close to guards who are quicker than him. After a few dribbles, the ball handler has blown by Nesmith and the defense is scrambling to help and cover the passing lanes. That is going to have to get fixed.

Aaron Nesmith will have no problem finding a home in the NBA. His shooting ability and the grit he plays with will be desired by many teams. The lack of games played this year could make for a fall outside of the lottery, but he is a risk that teams need to be willing to take.

Best Fit: San Antonio, Sacramento, Dallas, Portland

Current NBA Comparison: Klay Thompson