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Oregon Ducks vs Washington State Cougars

I went to middle school with Washington State running back, Max Bourgi. Awesome. Now that your attention is at my disposal, let’s chat. 

Washington State University faced the University of Oregon Ducks in Washington on Saturday. 

The Cougars had a very strong first quarter against the Ducks. Lucas Bacon had their first touchdown with a deep catch just barely getting the ball past the pylon. Renard Bell had their second TD at the Oregon 4th on 3rd & goal. At the Oregon 40 on 2nd & 10, Aiden Hector intercepted a pass from Ducks quarterback Tyler Shough. Despite missing their best running back, Max Bourgi, for the second week in a row, Cougz are doing pretty well. And for ME? To call Maximilian Bourgi, the best back out of Washington State is really saying something, he was quite mean to me in 7th grade. And you didn’t hear this from me, but he had a Classic Justin Bieber haircut. 

Top of the second. Hector gets his second turnover. Oregon gave up 3 turnovers in the first half. Towards the end of the half, the Ducks actually decided to show up to the game and after a 65-yard kickoff for a touchback. CJ Verdell finally got a touchdown for the Ducks, putting them at 14-19 going into the locker room at half time.

Going into the second half, Oregon hit their stride, despite not capitalizing on their first possession of the second half. Eliminating turnovers was key for them. 

Ducks ball at the start of the third. Washington player No. 10 takes an injury time out. CRAMP!!!! 

CJ Verdell had a great catch attempt except he saw that was going to get absolutely throttled and came short. Oregon kicker Camden Lewis missed a 37-yard field goal attempt by just a nudge to the right. 

At this point, my ADHD was kicking in hard, and therefore, the following reporting is subject to inaccuracies.

Without Washington State scoring on the next possession, Shough gets a 1st & 15 to put them at the 25 and send them to their 3rd touchdown via Travis Dye. Travis also scored the 2 point conversion that was unfortunately turned over due to an illegal formation. Camden Lewis actually got the extra point this time, believe it or not. 

Oregon now has their first lead of the night at 21-19.

Washington ball. De Laura sends the ball to No. 9 for the reception and Oregon No. 6 gets reviewed for targeting. It was most definitely head-to-head contact and you can’t tell me anything else. He did not get called for targeting. 

Washington’s punter, that Australian guy, Nick Haberer, jacks it for 78 f***ing yards. 


Tyler Shough fakes everyone out and could have walked across the field with the ball for a huge gain.

Oregon ball at the top of the fourth quarter. Johnny Johnson brings Oregon their 4th touchdown of the night. Now, Lewis with the extra point puts them at a 9 point lead, 28-19. 

Washington State QB comes from St. Louis high school in Honolulu. Tua Tagovailoa, as well as Raiders QB, Marcus Mariota, are alum from St. Louis. Squirrel.

Washington’s Bell gets a massive run towards the red zone. 

The commentators kept using “appetizing” to describe Washington’s play, I would not use that word though they looked very nice. 

Mazza kicked 25 yard field goal putting the Cougars at 22 points

The Quack Attack gets a 12 point lead after a pass to Travis Dye for a 71 yard touchdown. 

A two point conversion puts the Ducks at 34-22. 

Oregon’s No. 6 gets reviewed again and called for targeting this time, getting a 15 yard penalty and disqualified for the remainder of the game. 

Just under 7 minutes left in the fourth. 

1st & goal for Washington. De Laura throws too far and right through the end zone. 

2nd & goal and Washington gets a touchdown, Mazza for the extra point. Putting them at 29 to 36. 

Travis Dye takes it to the 21 yard line for a 1 & 10. 

1st & goal, Oregon touchdown, No. 33 through the gap untouched. 

Extra point is good. 43-29. 

Washington gets the ball and makes several attempts to score but fumbles and turns it back over to Oregon with about 0:45.

Tyler Shough takes a knee with the final score at 43-29 

Ducks win. 

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