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2018 NFL Scouting Combine

(Ty Russell/Sooner Sports)

2018 NFL Scouting Combine: 5 Players Expected To Decrease Draft Stock

2018 NFL Scouting Combine
Orlando Brown will be one of the focal points during the offensive line workouts during the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine (Ty Russell/Sooner Sports)

The 2018 NFL Scouting Combine is one of the major steps in the Draft process. All 32 teams get to untangle each and every one of these players. Teams get to work players through an interview process, psychological exam, and medical procedures to get to know the draft prospects a little better. However, for the viewer at home, we really only get to see the ins and outs of the on-field workouts.

Teams value the on-field workouts a ton. Some teams value speed more than others. Some teams look for certain measurables and times based on the size of players. Therefore, what players could expect to see their draft stock decrease over the combine workouts?

5. Arden Key – DE – LSU

This one is more based on the medical and interview process. Key broke the single-season sack record for LSU in 2016, then decided to barely show up in 2017. I’m not kidding. At times he looked like a defensive tackle in 2017 after showing off a great burst and speed the year before. The combination of leaving the team for four months for what he called ‘Personal Reasons’ and packing on 40 pounds isn’t a great combo.

Key does have talent but there are also major red flags with injuries too. The LSU product has already undergone shoulder surgery so doctors will have to see how his overall health is doing. I think everyone is anxious to see which version of Key shows up to Indianapolis?

4. Da’Shawn Hand – DL – Alabama

Hand was the number one high school recruit in the country in 2014. Hand was also a high school wrestling state champ. Hand then went on to do absolutely nothing at Alabama. This is a guy who had a hard time just getting on the field. Unless he shows that he’s a real-time athlete, he may fall into the abyss.

The character is also going to come up here. Hand was found asleep at the wheel when he was charged with a DUI in July 2017. Unless you’re okay with 27 tackles as a senior, Hand is going to have a tough time potentially finding a suitor despite being highly recruited. It didn’t help that he was also non-existent at the Senior Bowl. The Combine might be a make or break campaign for the Alabama defensive lineman.

3. James Washington – WR – Oklahoma State

James Washington stinks. I wouldn’t go near this guy. His first step quickness is slow and awkward. Washington also doesn’t even look like a receiver. He was flat out horrible at the Senior Bowl but the rest of the scouting community hasn’t caught on just yet. My guess here is Washington will run a decent 40-time but not nearly as fast as people anticipate. In a weak receiver class, Washington could get pushed up the board but I’m not really sure why.

I would be shocked if Washington put together a good day. Clunky footwork and a limited route tree will expose Washington.

2. Baker Mayfield – QB – Oklahoma

We know that Baker Mayfield is accurate, I want to know what can of zip he can put on the ball down the field. I haven’t missed on a quarterback in years because from the knees down tell the story. You can’t find 5 pure drop back throws in the Oklahoma system. Can Baker Mayfield show that he has great footwork? If he looks anything like DeShone Kizer did last year, you know there’s going to be a problem.

As a short quarterback, Mayfield better have a more than average ball velocity on his throws. Hand size also matters. Russell Wilson had big hands despite being a short quarterback. Speaking of Wilson, don’t expect Mayfield to be that kind of an athlete during the workouts. I think the perception is that scouts might be painting that picture but it’s not accurate. Without stating the obvious, he also has to convince teams that he isn’t a bad person either.

1. Orlando Brown – T – Oklahoma

Orlando Brown is built like a house. No seriously, this dude is 6-foot-8. However, there’s a benchmark for every position. If Brown runs slower than a 5.0 40-time, there’s precedent for those guys who are too big failing in the NFL.

Normally I love footwork for an offensive lineman but there’s no reason this guy can’t succeed as a right tackle. Of course, he’s not a fit for every team because every scheme asks their offensive lineman to do different things. Chances are that he’s a spitting image of his dad who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens with pretty much the exact same frame. Just don’t panic if he moves worse in space than expected.

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