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2018 Fantasy Football Man Crush List

Fantasy Football

(Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports)

Fantasy Football
Draft Dalvin Cook in your fantasy football league and thank me later (Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports)

If you’re like me, when you set your sights on something, it has to be mine and nothing else will suffice. I’m sure you have had a lady/man friend that you had a massive crush on. In fantasy, I’m not okay with just letting the draft fall to me, that’s a big-time loser move. No matter how many leagues I’m in, I want roughly the same guys on every single team. My first fantasy draft ever back in 2006 I had LaDainian Tomlinson on my team when he broke the touchdown record. In 2009 I had Chris Johnson on my team when he ran for over 2,000 yards. Trust me, getting the guy who blows the door off the hinges is the guy you want on your team. So when people say ‘it doesn’t matter who you pick in the top 5’ they are wrong. It’s man crush fantasy time. Let’s take a look at the guys you have must have on your fantasy team if you plan on winning your league.

1. Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys)

If you have the first pick in your fantasy league (or if you’re a real man in your auction draft), there’s no doubt that Ezekiel Elliott is going to be the number one scoring player in all of fantasy football. The Cowboys are going to run this guy into the ground. Ezekiel Elliott checks literally every single fantasy box. Young player (23 – 3rd year in the league). Low mileage (missed 6 games via suspension in 2017 and no playoffs). Offensive Line? Probably, the best or 2nd best in the business. Offensive scheme? Game manager Dak Prescott with a big focus on running the football but also not a total liability that Prescott can also beat you with his legs as well. Big receivers to steal touchdowns? Ha Ha… Hell no. Potential for shootouts with an average defense? Absolutely! Pass catching ability? YES! (632 career receiving yards). I’m not sure how Ezekiel Elliott is any worse than the 3rd best fantasy back and that’s the worst case scenario.

2. Dalvin Cook (Vikings)

I can promise you that you won’t miss if you draft Dalvin Cook. You have to nail your first two big money or picks. Dalvin Cook is going to light it up. One of the biggest things I look for (besides being good) is if your guy plays for a good team/defense. Well, the Vikings have both. Good field position and leads late in games do nothing except for add more opportunities for Cook. Did I also mention the low mileage? 74 carries a year ago because he missed a bulk of the 2017 season with a torn ACL. The knee injury is no longer a concern and Mike Zimmer has already said that Cook will be the workhorse. Cook was as explosive as it gets averaging 4.8 yards per carry and is ranked way too low according to the experts.

3. Jimmy Graham (Packers)

If you don’t draft Jimmy Graham this year… then you’re dumb. Well, that is if you miss out on Gronk and Travis Kelce of course. Jimmy Graham is going to nothing except for Lambeau leaps this year. If you are one of those people that think Graham is washed then you really just don’t know football. The Seahawks offense had no clue how to get this guy the football. It was like watching myself figure out my left from right. It was a disaster and just a bad football fit. What Graham did with the Saints is about 90 percent of what you’re going to see with the Packers. This is going to be electricity every week. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t even had a real tight end since Jermichael Finley and he was just okay. I’m putting the over/under for touchdowns at 12 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he rakes in 16. The only thing to really worry about is the health of Aaron Rodgers but outside of that… Jimmy Graham is going to feast.

4. Andrew Luck (Colts)

If you think that Andrew Luck is bad or overrated in some way then I think you’re an idiot. Luck went 11-5 for three straight years with what is probably the worst roster in the league. Luck carried this team until he broke. Don’t be dumb; Andrew Luck is REALLY (insert curse word) good. I don’t care what quarterback you draft in fantasy but Andrew Luck has to be one of them. There’s no scenario where he throws for less than 30 touchdowns. I’m willing to bet almost anything on it. The offensive line is much improved to help protect him. The positive is that Indy’s roster still stinks so he’s going to have to carry this team…again. His weapons also aren’t so bad that they hinder his production. T.Y. Hilton is more than fine. They also have zero running game so he’s going to be throwing the ball… A LOT.

5. Tyreek Hill (Chiefs)

Look, I still have no idea if Patrick Mahomes is any good but I’m leaning towards NO. The fact of the matter is I don’t really care because Andy Reid is the coach. They clearly have figured out a way to work the ball down the field to Tyreek Hill and Alex Smith of all guys led the NFL in big-time throws last year. How the hell did that happen? Now we have a true gunslinger in Mahomes who has a rocket for an arm. There may be games where Mahomes throws 4 picks but he also mixes and 80-yard bomb to Tyreek Hill. Fantasy wise it’s a perfect marriage because Mahomes may have the biggest arm in the league and there’s nobody faster than Tyreek Hill. Add in a really good offensive coach and we have fireworks, ladies and gentleman.

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BONUS: Justin Tucker (Ravens)

Just do it. He’s the best kicker in the league by a wide margin and Baltimore couldn’t find the end zone if you teleported them to it.


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