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2018/2019 NFL Season

(Jim McIssac/Newsday)

2018/2019 NFL Season: 0-2 Panic Meter

2018/2019 NFL Season
Saquon Barkley has become one giants mistake and sit at 0-2 (Jim McIssac/Newsday)

Since 2003 only 11 percent of 0-2 teams have made the postseason. This year there are seven teams that started out the season at 0-2. Do any of them have a chance to actually make the playoffs? Is it too soon to wave the white flag? A zero panic meter will basically signal that the team is fine and ready to make a playoff push. A 10 on the panic meter will represent the surrender sign and their season is over. Let’s dissect each winless team and their future for the rest of the 2018/2019 season.

Buffalo Bills – Panic Meter: 10

75 percent of the NBA is unwatchable. There are only two teams in the NFL that are unwatchable and Buffalo is one of them. Buffalo is so bad that they had a guy retire at halftime. I never thought I would even see that in my life. The BIlls at least could move the ball a little with Josh Allen but it still looks like a miracle that they even made the playoffs last year. Their entire team is also fantasy irrelevant minus LeSean McCoy and even his offensive line is so bad that you cringe if you have him.

Houston Texans – Panic Meter: 4

The bad news is the Texans offensive line is so bad that maybe this team is just doomed. The Texans offensive line has graded out as the worst in the league over the past year. The good news is they still have a really good roster and Deshaun Watson. Houston lost two games on the road. One to the Patriots and one to a team in the division. Watson has looked a little rusty coming off the knee injury so I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Jacksonville is off to a hot start and probably wins the division as long as Blake Bortles looks competent. In a bad AFC, I wouldn’t count out Houston just yet.

Oakland Raiders – Panic Meter: 9

You can’t leave the NFL for a decade and expect to be good. That’s what Jon Gruden was attempting to do. He looks clueless so far. Forget the Khalil Mack trade. When Gruden talked about not understanding why he couldn’t get pressure on the quarterback never made me laugh so hard. Derek Carr completed 90 percent of his throws against the Broncos and they still lost. He literally can’t play any better and it still wasn’t enough. The Raiders season is pretty much over.

New York Giants – Panic Meter: 10

The Giants only have themselves to blame. How idiotic do you have to be to take a running back with the second pick in the draft when a franchise quarterback is staring you in the face. New York leads the NFL with 16 negative plays. Saquon Barkley has 8 of them. He’s a home run hitting back that doesn’t have an offensive line. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they’re 0-2. Also, Eli can’t play. He hasn’t been able to play in 5 years. I don’t see any way that this team wins more than 4 games.

Detroit Lions – Panic Meter: 8

When you’re the third or fourth best team in your division then the season is over before it ever begins. Matthew Stafford looks like he’s starting to decline after that 4 interception debacle in the opener. Detroit still has no running game. Their defense also gave up 30 or more points in back to back games. Matt Patricia keeps a pencil in his ear but his play sheet is laminated? Tell me how that works? The Lions are in trouble.

2018/2019 NFL Season: Week One Overreaction Meter

Seattle Seahawks – Panic Meter: 7

Seattle has zero talent on their roster outside of Russell Wilson and the Griffin brothers. Wilson gets hit everytime he drops back because of how putrid this offensive line is. Seattle has no running game. The defense is downright sad. Unless Russell Wilson pulls off some sort of miracle, Seattle’s season is over. It’s time to fire Pete Carroll and start over.

Arizona Cardinals – Panic Meter: 10

Remember when I called Buffalo unwatchable? Arizona is the other team that qualifies. Steve Wilks looks lost. Steve Keim decided it was a good idea to cut Tyrann Mathieu and sign Sam Bradford. I don’t even want to waste any more time writing about this. This team belongs in the toilet.

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