2016 Reese's Senior Bowl
Carson Wentz lit up the 2016 Reese’s Senior Bowl (Brynn Anderson / AP)

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is now in the books as NFL Draft talent evaluators will now go back to their draft boards with a better understanding of this year’s draft class. After 3 long days of practice and the conclusion of the game let’s take a look at some of the North’s offensive players who caught my eye for better or worse.

  1. Connor Cook (Michigan State) Quarterback

This one was the biggest head scratcher to me. Cook decided to forgo the opportunity to participate in the Reese’s Senior Bowl that could wind up being a huge mistake. We have seen players skip the event before but it is an unwise move for a player coming off a down year. Cook is a borderline 1st or 2nd round quarterback draft prospect that really had the chance to capitalize with a good week. I on the other hand view Cook as more of a 5th round prospect undeserving of the type of recognition he deserves. His decision to skip the event only further cements my point, as he may have been afraid to show off his average arm strength. Let’s face it I’m not so sure he is even better than Brian Hoyer at this point.

  1. Carson Wentz (North Dakota State) Quarterback

I have been an avid believer in Wentz even prior to the start of last season when most respected draft experts failed to even include him on their draft boards. While I am not entirely sold on Wentz as a first round prospect he did a number of great things during this week. For starters it became apparent he has a rocket arm as his ball had that extra zip that the other quarterbacks in practice did not have. 2nd I found Wentz sneaky athletic. While his game tape at North Dakota State suggested the same it was clarified as he could perform against higher competition. Wentz is likely a top ten pick at this point but the question each GM will have to ask themselves is “Can Carson Wentz win you a Super Bowl?” If the answer is no you simply can’t draft this guy in the first round. The scouting combine will prove crucial for Wentz’s draft stock. The Joe Flacco comps will only help Wentz going forward.

  1. Braxton Miller (Ohio State) Wide Receiver

Was there anyone more dynamic than Miller at the Reese’s Senior Bowl during the week of practices? No, in fact the former Ohio State quarterback was named the MVP of the practices by the scouts. The question now remains can you draft this guy in the first or second round based off of one year of experience at receiver? In my opinion the perfect fit for Miller would be the Patriots where he could roam the slot. In the end someone will take a chance on Miller earlier than expected. As much as I am a fan of Miller a first round pick would be to rich for my taste as he reminds me of a sort of unproven Percy Harvin.

  1. Jason Spriggs (Indiana) Tackle

While most of the offensive line play was horrendous for much of the week Spriggs managed to stand out above the rest. Spriggs was the most polished lineman during practice and remains a solid 2nd round prospect in my eyes. The former Hosier only allowed 2 sacks last season in a tough big ten conference. Teams that run a zone blocking scheme figure to be the best fits for him given his athletic ability. Spriggs reminds me of Lane Johnson as both players were converted tight ends posing great footwork for the position.

  1. Nick Martin (Notre Dame) Center

Martin is the brother of Zack Martin who is an all pro guard for the Dallas Cowboys. While Nick is not as good as his brother he is very polished who should carve out a solid 10-year career for himself. Martin is likely a guard or center at the next level as a lot of teams will crave his versatility. This years center class is very deep and Martin is just on of them who will find a home between rounds 2-4.