2015 NFL Draft
(Richard Schultz/Getty Images)

After a long exciting season the draft order has finally been set. This order will remain the same baring any trades or punishment handed down during the deflategate scandal. The first round of the draft back in 2008 only had 31 picks when New England lost their pick to spygate. Below is the order with a list of positions of need.


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB,OL,HB)

2. Tennessee Titans (QB,CB,LB)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (WR,DL,OL)

4. Oakland Raiders (WR,CB,DL)

5. Washington Redskins (QB,CB,S)

6. New York Jets (OFFENSE)

7. Chicago Bears (QB,LB,S)

8. Atlanta Falcons (OL,DEFENSE)

9. New York Giants (OL,SECONDARY)

10. St. Louis Rams (QB,HB,WR)

11. Minnesota Vikings (HB,WR,DL)

12. Cleveland Browns (QB,WR,WR)

13. New Orleans Saints (OL,LB,DL)

14. Miami Dolphins (HB,WR,OL)

15. San Francisco 49ers (CB,DL)

16. Houston Texans (QB,LB,S)

17. San Diego Chargers (HB,LB,CB)

18. Kansas City Chiefs (WR,CB,S)

19. Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills)

20. Philadelphia Eagles (SECONDARY,LB,OL)

21. Cincinnati Bengals (PASS RUSHER)

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (OL,CB,S)

23. Detroit Lions (OL,CB)

24. Arizona Cardinals (QB,WR,TE)

25. Carolina Panthers (WR,CB,S)

26. Baltimore Ravens (CB,S,WR)

27. Dallas Cowboys (DL,LB,S)

28. Denver Broncos (LB,DL)

29. Indianapolis Colts (LB,OL)

30. Green Bay Packers (TE,OL,DL)

31. Seattle Seahawks (WR,NEW PLAY CALLER)

32. New England Patriots (WR,DL)