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Tom Brady
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Will Tom Brady Come Out Of Retirement With The 49ers?

Tom Brady
Will Tom Brady make a comeback with the 49ers? Are we positive Brady is done with football or just the Bucs? (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Will Tom Brady Come Back With The 49ers?

What if Trey Lance isn’t ready? Does anybody know what we’re getting with Lance under center next year? Even if you believe in Lance, he probably isn’t ready after making just 19 collegiate starts at the FCS level. Josh Allen wasn’t either initially and that’s okay. What if Tom Brady can save the day?

I know, I know, Tom Brady is retired. Well, maybe anyway. What if Brady was really saying goodbye to Tampa instead of football itself? Brady is at the point in his career where he needs to be given a reason to leave his couch. He’s already accomplished everything. If Brady doesn’t feel like he has the upper hand, why leave the couch?

Returning to New England is out of the question. Bill Belichick can’t draft receivers in an increasingly important weapons league. It’s probably why he left there in the first place. If you’re giving me N’Keal Harry, I’m out.

While Tampa has a leaded roster, he’s done with Bruce Arians at this point. He knows Arians will never be Belichick in terms of putting the hours in. Arians’ teams commit more penalties. Arians employees more coaches because he likes to enjoy a cocktail. The freedom was nice for a while but believes he’s done all he can with the Bucs.

What if Trey Lance isn’t ready? I’m not sure he is. That goes for 2022 and or 2023. There probably isn’t another team in the league that Brady would want to play for. Hey, just an educated guess. Brady grew up rooting the 49ers, is originally from California and gets to replace Jimmy Garoppolo who he forced out of New England? Oh, that gets Tom off the couch.

The 49ers are a great place to be. Kyle Shanahan is a wizard and you automatically inherit a functional running game. I also get Deebo Samuel and George Kittle to throw to. It’s also a defense with two aircraft carriers (Nick Bosa & Fred Werner)? That just might be enough to get Tom off the couch.

Never say never when it comes to Tom Brady making a comeback. Gronk even thinks Brady is coming back. He said that himself. What if he just wants to finish his career in San Francisco? Are we sure Lance is ready or needs to be ready?

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