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Running Back Rankings

2021 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings: Daubert’s List

2021 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings: Daubert's List After running through the quarterback rankings, it's time to go over the tail backs. On the surface, it feels like a bit…

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Dolphins Should Draft Devonta Smith

The Miami Dolphins should draft DeVonta Smith over Ja’Marr Chase

Due to the negligence and ineptitude of the Houston Texans, the 10-6 Miami Dolphins have the 3rd overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. All year people have been saying…

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Nick Saban Ryan Day

Nick Saban vs Ryan Day

Nick Saban vs Ryan Day The saying goes, “the war is won well before it starts.” This remains true in the Alabama vs. Ohio State game this evening. We will…

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John Metchie

John Metchie is Alabama’s New Elite Wide Receiver

The University of Alabama is well known for its excellent recruiting and development of football players. Last year Alabam was the home of three elite wide receivers, Jerry Jeudy, Henry…

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