Photo Credit: Splitgate.com and 1047 Games

Splitgate: The Newest Fad in Gaming?

We may have a new fad on our hands. Released in 2019 on PC, Splitgate has been moderately popular as a free-to-play title where “Halo meets Portal”. Fast forward to about a week ago, and the beta for the console version of Splitgate has taken the gaming community by storm, totalling over 600,000 downloads ahead of its July 27th release. They literally had to shut down their servers because of the pure volume of players at one point. 1047 Games has caught lightning in a bottle with this release, but can they maintain it?

The FPS community is in limbo right now. Warzone has a massive hacker problem and Apex is coming up on its third anniversary. It seems like the community has been playing the same old games forever, and they are all becoming pretty stale. Maybe a unique and free FPS is just what the community needs to hold us over until the release of Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty 2021. Splitgate fills this role perfectly.

Splitgate combines Halo-esque gunplay with a mechanic that allows you to use portals to flank enemies and move around the maps. That being said, It definitely feels like a free, small developer-style game. Graphically, it does not compare to the larger triple-A titles, but it is incredibly fun nonetheless. For those looking for a new challenge, this game may be for you.

Unfortunately, this creative take on the FPS genre might have a hard time competing come fall. Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, and COD 2021 will almost certainly overtake Splitgate when they come out. I have high hopes for Battlefield and Halo (not so much for COD 2021) and 1047 Games will have a hard time competing against massive developers like 343 Industries and EA. That does not mean that Splitgate cannot find success in the meantime, as Battlefield 2042 does not release until October 22. Also, since this is not a completely new game, we may not see the growing pains associated with releasing indie titles like this. The lessons that 1047 Games have learned with the PC version of Splitgate will almost certainly translate to a smooth console release.

More to come.

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