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Power Ranking The 10 Best 4th Of July Food

4th Of July Foods

Power Ranking The 10 Best 4th Of July Food

The 4th of July marks America’s Independence Day, a day when we celebrate this summer holiday with fireworks, gathering outside for games, and most importantly: all the food. When you think of all the foods available, our minds always go to some of our favorites. I am here to share my power rankings for the best 4th of July food normally found at any BBQ or cookout. Because everyone loves a good power ranking!

No. 10: Potato Salad

We start off our list with, statistically, the most popular 4th of July food, according to tasteofhome.com. I’m sorry, but there is normally nothing good about a potato salad. When you have some folks ruining the entire dish by adding RAISINS into it, you’re guaranteeing that you’re taking that entire container home with you afterward. It always tastes the same and normally lacks flavor.

No. 9: Coleslaw

What’s the point? You would be hard-pressed to find five people at a BBQ who sees coleslaw and get excited about it. I feel like Americans feel obligated to have coleslaw on their plate because it’s so commonly made. That or they want to give off the appearance they can be even a little healthy on the 4th of July. Hard pass.

No. 8: Baked Beans

I kind of like baked beans, if they are done right. But they land in the eighth position on my power rankings of the best 4th of July foods because they are normally too inconsistent. Sometimes, they are way too sweet. Other times, they are lacking that slight sweetness you’re looking for. Now if you tell me you got some bacon in that thing, I am SURE to at least get me a scoop of that on my plate.

No. 7: Potato Chips

Potato chips won’t get any hate from this writer. Normally at a BBQ, you can find whatever kind of chips you like on the table. Whether it be traditional Lays, two to three different flavors of Doritos, or some sort of BBQ flavor you name it. They land at the seventh spot on my list simply because they are never the star of the show, normally just an add-on right at the end just past my number seven on this list.

No. 6: Corn on the Cob

We are getting to the part of the list of things that will always find its way onto my plate. Corn on the Cob finds its way right around the halfway point of my power ranking of the best 4th of July foods because while it normally is delicious and can be your lighter option, it can be a little messy. Plus, the cob rolls around on the plate, causing you to go chasing after it before it falls on the ground and one of the dogs at your BBQ comes running over for it.

No. 5: Ice Cream

We are getting to the big hitters now. Ice cream is a staple at BBQs across the country. Whether it be those little ice cream cups we all had as kids in elementary school, some parties have the variety packs of Drumsticks, or my personal favorite, the simple but delicious ice cream sandwich. The perfect evening treat when the sun is going down to cool you off from being outside most of the day in the heat. Hard to go wrong with ice cream.

No. 4: Brisket

Now, before you come at me for putting brisket fourth in my power rankings for the best 4th of July foods, I challenge you to think of a time when your brisket wasn’t dry as a bone. You can’t, can you? That’s because it’s always done by someone who’s never done it and they overcooked it. Or, they cut it way too early before serving and all the juice is in the bottom of the dish. I love brisket, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re going to serve brisket at your fourth party, please practice beforehand so you don’t disappoint everyone.

No. 3: Hamburger

Along the same lines as the brisket, normally hamburgers suffer the same fate as they are normally way too dry. This can be slightly remedied by getting one with cheese and filling your burger with condiments or toppings. One of the premier staples of any 4th of July BBQ. I will always grab at least one burger for my plate, expecting the worst but ready to be surprised.

No. 2: Hotdog

We have a bit of an upset here for our top spot! The hotdog is America’s favorite meat to grill on the 4th of July, and it’s hard to mess them up. Kids love them, the adults love them, and even the dog will get AT LEAST two or three given to them during cooking. I like mine with a little extra char on the skin but still will snap nicely when I bite into it. I will also put brats on this list as well (I prefer brats to hotdogs, but maybe that’s just me).

No. 1: Watermelon

The perfect food for any 4th of July party. The unquestioned best 4th of July food you can find out there. Nothing is better than grabbing two watermelon slices for your plate and normally eating them first before anything just so you can go back and get more soon. Juicy, refreshing, and always nice and chilled. You may find people who don’t like some of the foods on this list, but you won’t find anyone who doesn’t like watermelon.

That’s our list! Think one is too high or too low? Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments below!



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