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Jorge Masvidal

(James Chance/Getty Images)

Jorge Masvidal: An Open Letter As To Why You Suck

Jorge Masvidal
(James Chance/Getty Images)

Jorge Masvidal, You Absolutely Suck

“Street Jesus”? Really? That’s the nickname y’all landed on for this clown? I assure you, Jorge Masvidal is no street Jesus, he’s an ordinary run-of-the-mill bum. 

Anyway, you fight this upcoming weekend in a Welterweight Title fight against current champion Kamaru Usman. And honestly? You don’t stand a chance. Why? Because you’re god awful, and you’ll be exposed as the fraud that you are. Lord knows neither one of you can’t really trash talk. Don’t you understand that your fans have turned their back on you? Let me explain. 

Let’s start with this: you’re not a skilled fighter. Let’s go over the guys you’ve recently fought. Darren Till? When was the last time we heard of him doing anything in the sport? All he’s focused on is cornering Mike Perry because lord knows he needs it. Ben Askren? The guy who looks like the neighborhood dad who you caught with the luckiest knee in MMA history? Also, the guy that recently fought Jake Paul and got his shit rocked? The biggest douchebag on the internet? Nate Diaz? That was an even fight before the doctor stopped it because unlike you, Nate Diaz has been in wars and has the scar tissue to show for it. You didn’t land anything significant you just cut him where he’s been cut a million times. What do you bring to the table that every other guy has? I can answer that for you: not a single thing. Maybe if you spent more time in the gym and not doing sports center interviews about your McDonald’s order or helping an internet clown get ready for a rigged boxing match you’d be a better fighter. 

Which brings me to my next point: how on earth can you help the scum of the earth in the Paul brothers? You do realize social media hates these guys, right? An MMA guy helping dudes who have filmed an area where people have hunt themselves and put it all over social media and didn’t really apologize for it. Do you not have a PR person? Do you not care? I promise you, Jake Paul could’ve beat Ben Askren without your muddling. You’re not that great of a striker so what could you have taught him?

Maybe you should go do more reality shows out in the jungle and “find yourself” again so you can turn your career around after you get your shit rocked by Usman this weekend. I hope you understand that you don’t stand a chance Saturday night and that you’re going to get embarrassed. Jorge Masvidal, you are a stain on the MMA community anymore and I think I speak for most people when I say we can not wait to watch you get embarrassed this weekend. Oh, by the way, apologize to Chad Johnson for betting on you this weekend. What a waste of money for America’s most tight-fisted man.

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