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Hockey Guy Trey
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Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: S2, FINALS, Day 2

Solid day for Hockey Guy Trey. Icing Daubert cuts into the lead cutting it to 11 on a day that didn’t look to be in our favor at the start.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: S2, FINALS, Day 2

Really good day. Went into it at a big disadvantage. Finish the day cutting the lead down with a great chance to regain it today. Hockey Guy Trey goes for fantasy glory and day two was all about revenge of a different kind.

Hockey Guy Trey
Revenge Game? Jack Campbell brought the goods to help take down the Irish. (Lyndon Toe/Vendetta Sports Media)

Jack Campbell was the top performer today. The same guy that Gavin drafted 38th overall and was no longer good enough for team California Daly. Big time performance by Campbell. 37 saves and only two goals allowed in the win over the Flyers. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal but he got a win and the Leafs got outshot big time in the game.

The other goalie tonight was Kaapo Kähkönen. Big night by the Sharks’ new goalie too. Two goals allowed and a win over the Jackets. No video only because Jonathan Quick on the other side essentially canceled him out. I really wanted that video too because I should have sounded like a drunk chicken doing his video.

Matt Boldy came up clutch with a sick goal. Glad I added him now over that bum Dylan Larkin.

The real heroes of the night were simple. Steven Stamkos three assist night. Jonathan Huberdeau three assist night. Aleksander Barkov hattrick. Oh, my those three guys dented what looked like a bad night for us heading into it. Those Panthers are hot, hot, hot.

Today we look to strike big. Should be a big night in our advantage. Not going to look in the mirror again.



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