Hockey Guy Trey
Hockey Guy Trey looks like he’s in for a dog fight. Somehow we keep a decent size lead after what should have been a really rough night.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: Finals, Day Two

This week is going to be stressful.

I just found out today the Finals end… next Thursday. Why? What are you doing to me ESPN? Every other week of the season, the week has been Monday to Sunday. This time we’re going Monday to next Thursday for no reason. Outrageous.

I got the short end of the stick early. The opponent’s team went nuts and I only had guys going from Carolina since Mat Barzal continues to be a waste. Credit to Sebastian Aho and Vincent Trocheck for picking up two assists each. Otherwise, it would have been a rough night.

To get out of here with a 14 point lead, just losing one point off the lead from yesterday is a HUGE win based on how this night went. I mean… we had ONE goal tonight. Darnell Nurse was a hero for us go added an assist as well.

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