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Finding LeBron James A Second Star Teammate Isn’t As Easy As You Think

LeBron James

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

LeBron James
Finding LeBron James another star player isn’t as easy as you may think (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

NBA fanboys are now obsessed with player mobility. NBA Super teams are all the rage and this is the most exciting the NBA has been in my lifetime. 90 percent of the NBA is unwatchable but who cares? 3 teams have a legit chance to win a title and it couldn’t be more fascinating. What we do need though is more super teams. NBA teams have had their eyes set on the 2019 free agency class to form their own super team. The problem is the upcoming free agency class doesn’t look as promising as the media portrays it out to be. Finding LeBron James a second-star teammate in order to win another championship doesn’t appear so easy to find.

Kevin Durant? Maybe, but probably not.

The class obviously starts with Kevin Durant. He’s the best player in the world and can change the forecast for a team in an hour. Durant can score 30 in his sleep. Durant’s a weird dude and it’s really hard to project what he will do. If he wants to win, there’s no better place than Golden State. He’s already the best player in the world but more people will tend to agree with this the more he continues to stack titles. He also knows that it’s Steph’s city and he will never be the face of the franchise. The problem is there isn’t a situation out there that even tempts Durant to leave. Maybe that will change but I can’t see Durant leaving next year. Especially if they lose to the Celtics. If Durant wants to establish himself as the best player in the world, joining the Lakers and LeBron doesn’t help his cause. Continuing to thrash LeBron in the playoffs sure will though.

Klay Thompson? No chance.

How many times does Klay Thompson have to talk about loving his situation with the Warriors before we start actually listening to him? During media day this week, Thompson talked about staying on the Warriors train as long as possible. His father, Mychal, has always relayed those sentiments despite being a former Lakers player. Thompson would be the perfect teammate for LeBron but he’s not going anywhere and may actually take a pay cut to stay with Golden State.

Kyrie Irving? haha, That’s funny

Do I need to even waste my time typing this? We know the story. That duo isn’t happening again. Plus, Irving isn’t leaving Boston anyway. That guy hit the jackpot.

Jimmy Butler? Doesn’t look promising

Jimmy Butler would have been an interesting target but now that he requested a trade, Butler may have taken himself out of the Lakers business. The team that acquires Butler in a trade will have the upper hand to keep him because they can offer him a 5-year, $190 million deal. Also, Butler doesn’t even seem interested in the Lakers. The Nets, Clippers, Knicks, and Heat have been listed as desirable landing spots. Given that fact, Butler doesn’t seem like he’s going to be playing with LeBron. Then again, who could blame him?

Kawhi Leonard? They better hope

This is really the Lakers best chance to land another star. I don’t think anyone believes the Raptors will keep Kawhi past this season. Then again, crazier things have happened. Who in the world saw the Thunder keeping Paul George. It’s no secret that Kawhi wants to be in LA but will it be the Clippers or Lakers? The Lakers are the bigger brand but conflicting reports have also come out that maybe he wants to be the face of the Clippers. It really feels like a coin flip if the Lakers land Kawhi.

There aren’t really any other elite free agents on the market outside of the players I already listed. There are guys like Paul Millsap, Kemba Walker, Tobias Harris, Marc Gasol, Khris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe. Would LA really go all in for a player of that status?

Does LeBron James Really Make His Teammates Better? You Be The Judge

The wildcard in this could be Anthony Davis. The Brow is now a client of Klutch Sports. That alone almost seems like a gateway to play with LeBron. Davis may want out of New Orleans if the team underachieves again. That seems like a possibility in a loaded Western Conference. A year from now we will have a better idea which young players on the current roster LeBron likes and dislikes. Stay tuned.

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