Daubert's NFL Draft Mailbag
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Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag: Wide Receivers?

It’s a weird year. There’s no combine so I’m sad. I figured the best way to make up for the loss of content was to bring back the mailbag earlier than I otherwise would. Hey, it’s February but realistically, the 2021 NFL Draft isn’t’ too far away. Every week leading up to draft day, I’m going to release a mailbag post giving the viewers a chance to ask questions they want to be answered.

We only have one question thanks to our guy Alex Chick. Don’t be shy, let those puppies fly!

Who’s the best WR in this class and why?

I sort of touched on this in a recent post but my pick is Ja’Marr Chase. I get it, DeVonta Smith had a year that will be remembered forever. I don’t think we can forget about what Chase did as a Sophomore. 20 touchdowns as a Sophomore is no joke. He was also clearly the number one wide receiver ahead of Justin Jefferson in college and we know what he can do. You’re not going to miss here.

I’m not saying DeVonta Smith will be a bust, but I think we have seen maybe close to what his ceiling is. There’s not a lot of room for growth. Maybe I’m wrong but you’re talking about a thin landing strip if Marvin Harrison is your only comp. I’d just be wary to go that route too early.

Then again, I think Kyle Pitts is the best pure weapon in the draft and who knows where he’s going to get taken on draft day. Should be fun!

I do want to touch on one thing just to close this mailbag out. Where is the buzz on Rondale Moore? I don’t need to see anymore. He’s the Deebo Samuel of the draft. You won’t miss here. I’ll leave the draft with Moore fat and happy every day of the week. Just jot the name down.

It’s hard for me to say which lineman will be available after the the second round. I will say that Trey Smith I thought looked fantastic at the Senior Bowl. I saw flashes of Dion Dawkins.