Best SimBull Buys Under $50 – Spotting The Suckers

The other day I wrote a post giving you the best SimBull buys for under $40, so this post is going to be all about the teams under fifty dollars. This price range has the most teams by far, so it is important to find the suckers and to steer clear of those.


This is the sport that has the most suckers by far. I mean the Jets are over $40, HARD PASS. Anyway, I think the best SimNFL buy for this price range is ultimately going to be the Chicago Bears. Even though I am not a fan of Matt Nagy, Justin Fields is the real deal despite his coach not naming him a week 1 starter.


The Nets are the only team in this price range, but being able to invest in a team with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden seems too good to be true. With their injury history, they might not be on the court together every game, but each and every one of those players is capable of winning a game themselves so I will invest in that.


Quick note before I get into this: There is no world where Michigan should be in the forty dollar price range for their college football team. They are the biggest sucker in the SimBull CFB Market. Anyway, I am not huge into college, but I would invest in Lane Kiffin and what he is building at Ole Miss. For just pennies over $40, you can invest in an exciting team that is going to score some points, and with the new NIL rules, who knows what Kiffin can bring to Mississippi.


Disclaimer: I want to clearly communicate that this is all my opinion and my individual assessment of value. I am not a financial advisor. Be smart with how you invest your money.

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