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Baker Mayfield

(Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Baker Mayfield Doesn’t Think Height Matters In NFL

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield gets angry when you mention his height. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Does height matter in the NFL? Well, duh obviously it matters. Whether it’s a wide receiver winning a jump ball or running back ducking below the offensive lineman to find the hole. There’s a reason why 95 percent of the greatest quarterbacks ever were at least 6-foot-2. Mayfield who measured in at 6-foot even at the Senior Bowl but seems to get angry at the fact when people suggest that height matters.

It angers me when people say that height actually matters, because there’s guys in the NFL that prove it day in and day out that it doesn’t,” Mayfield told Steve Serby of the New York Post in somewhat lengthy Q&A. “If you can pick up and throw a ball, you can. And if you can win games, you can. So a lot of that stuff that people used to think mattered a lot, those measurables don’t exactly [matter] anymore. It’s about winning games and getting your teammates to play hard.”

Mayfield had a good couple days of practice but was just flat out terrible during the game. Mayfield left the game early and didn’t show up to the practices on time either. The Oklahoma quarterback has question marks surrounding his character. Mayfield has a police video out regarding a public intoxication. He also has prior nonsense behavior on the field including grabbing his crotch and throwing a football at an opposing player at TCU. According to Mayfield, he can’t seem to understand that his character is a concern.

“People want to put an image on me that they obviously don’t know me,” Mayfield said. “If you never sat down to have a conversation with me, then you probably don’t understand why I’m so competitive, why I do the things I do. I always had a chip on my shoulder because I’ve had to earn everything. If you think me being cocky is because I’ve been handed things that I’ve been spoon fed, you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve had to earn it.”

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