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One Last Ride For Aaron Rodgers And The Packers

With uncertainty swirling around the Packers’ franchise quarterback, news finally broke that this will indeed be Aaron Rodgers’ last season with the Green Bay Packers. This stimulates by the lack of communication in the front office and not being involved in decisions. Rodgers ripped the Packers’ front office, and his spat with Green Bay is the first time a face of a franchise has had trouble with their front office since Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Rodgers’ situation is nearly identical to Jordan’s in Chicago, as Jordan had butted heads with GM Jerry Krause for years. Finally, Jordan had had enough and informed the team that he would be leaving the Bulls. He left the Bulls by winning a championship and capping off a three-peat in the process – a complete middle finger to Krause.

NFL players have only been pushed out of their teams like this a handful of times. Peyton Manning was sent packing after multiple neck surgeries in 2012, and the Colts would immediately turn around and draft Andrew Luck, the highest-rated quarterback in college football history. Peyton surely felt betrayed, but he went on the win an MVP and a title with the Broncos. A more recent situation saw Tom Brady, then already a six-time Super Bowl champion, disconnect with Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Brady, having moved to Tampa Bay, won the Super Bowl on a team that had not made the playoffs in over a decade. This begs the question: will Rodgers mail in the season or go out with a bang?

Chances of Aaron Rodgers And Packers Winning Superbowl

It is impossible to know what Rodgers is thinking in regard to the team at this current moment. Is he motivated to prove the organization wrong, perhaps by winning a Super Bowl? Or will he lack motivation as a result of the lack of trust in him by the Packers? The football world has not heard much from Rodgers this offseason, as he has spent his time in Hawaii, singing, playing the guitar, and playing golf on “The Match” with Brady and Phil Mickelson. Rodgers has always been difficult to figure out, and he has been the butt of a joke throughout the offseason. The best way for him to cap off his time in Green Bay is to win a Super Bowl for the fans and then tell the Packers to kiss his ass goodbye. They will realize what they are missing when Jordan Love takes over.



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