Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson needs to force his way out New Orleans and should even take drastic measures to do say. Don’t sign the rookie extension. Plain and simple. (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Zion Williamson Needs To Force His Way Out Of New Orleans

The bread crumbs have already been laid. It’s now time to take action on them. There was a story this week about how the family of Zion Williamson wants him out of New Orleans. If the family is already in Zion’s ear, we’re just delaying the inevitable at this point. Zion just needs to force his way out of New Orleans and do so now.

Williamson has been a good soldier in New Orleans. He’s not causing drama. Just keeping that smile and putting up the most insane efficiency numbers as possible. Zion has actually become underrated despite the big name.

Let’s not pretend like New Orleans has gotten this thing right. Zion has every reason to leave. New Orleans has screwed this up. They didn’t maximize the Anthony Davis return. The Steven Adams trade was a joke. Two years in New Orleans can’t sniff a playoff berth. No reason to throw a pity party. Zion should want out.

Small market or not, the Pelicans are not holding up their end of the bargain. David Griffin has failed to put a strong roster on the court. Zion needs to be in playoff series. Why waste time? Force your way out sooner rather than later. I think another possibility needs to be brought up. Why not pull off the unthinkable?

There’s never been a player to turn down that rookie max extension. Zion should be the first. Why tie yourself to New Orleans during the midst of the upcoming prime. It’s a lot of money to turn down but why not sign a one year max offer sheet with another team as a restricted free agent. The truth of the matter is, Zion can make that money back just by leaving New Orleans for a bigger market.

The bread crumbs have been left. The family is already trying to get Zion out of there. Why wait? Make things clear to the front office. There is no 7 year plan. Don’t sign the rookie extension. Make it clear New Orleans is on the hot seat. Trade me or I’ll leave for nothing.