Yu Darvish
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Yu Darvish is on the move to San Diego. The Cubs get back Zach Davies, Reginald Preciado, Yeison Santana, Owen Caissie, and Ismael Mena. Now I have been dying for this type of MLB offseason. The crazy trades going off one by one, free agent signings, and total shifting of power is what I love to see. It seems the hot stove has been set off by Blake Snell and players are going to start flying around the league.

Yu Darvish Is On The Move.

Jon Heyman, a baseball insider, has been following the reported Darvish trade closely.

The Padres are really in win-now mode. Just last night they made the first big splash of the off-season in trading for Snell. However, it appears as though they are not done.

I like the aggressiveness. If you’re an organization and feel you are one or two key moves away by all means go for it. Lord knows I wish the Yankees would stop sitting on their hands. But anyway back to the Padres. I’m not opposed to trading a top prospect for a former Cy Young winner in Snell. However, is Darvish really worth trading for?

Is Darvish Worth The Price?

Darvish is almost 35 years old and outside of last year has pitched to a below 3 ERA just once before which was way back in 2013. Can he repeat the last season or was it just a really good season and chalk it up as that? To be honest It was really just a good season and nothing more. 2020 saw Darvish pitch to a 2.01 ERA in twelve starts. That’s something he has never done before.

However, when it comes to trading or signing players it’s about what can you do for me going forward. Too many times people get caught up in looking into last season’s performance and thinking ” Oh that guy is who we need!” Not too fast. More often than not that one great year is an outlier. Furthermore, they should be sought after with caution.

The Padres should be careful about who they give up here. Adding Darvish improves the rotation no doubt. However, was it too much? That question will be answered soon.