Young Pageviews Resigns Barstool Sports
(via Barstool Sports)

Young Pageviews resigns from Barstool Sports Monday after the Super Bowl.

After months of being missing from content, stemming from 3 months of Dave Portnoy shitting on him. YP aka Young Pageviews aka Ben Friedman has quit from his job at Barstool Sports.

What a wild ride for YP and Barstool Outdoors. After failing to promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the site, Barstool found Dave Portnoy ripped YP for his lack of dedication to the brand. YP had been running around the country filming Barstool Outdoors content but had not really done anything other than that.

“I have decided to leave Barstool Sports, and with that decision, I have some very very very important things I want to share with you… I love the living shit out of the people at Barstool… We have grown up together… I love you guys forever.

It is hard to express how much that means to me, to help me create something from my brain in my parent’s basement in St. Louis to a living breathing organism that’s out on the internet… a million views here… means more than I can ever express”

YP on Twiiter

Uhhh pretty simple way to express that dude, just do your job and promote merchandise and shirts like everyone else at the company. I know there are other revenue streams for the media company, but t-shirt sales has always been a specialty of theirs. In the wise words of Bill Belichick “Do your job”

“And lastly, most importantly, Erika Nardini and Dave Portnoy, Thank you more than I can ever thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in some kid from Missouri driving across the country with a live Wallaby… You have changed my life forever and I am so eternally grateful.

To all the stoolies, I love you so much”

I don’t know man, for someone who branded themselves based off Portnoy, this does not seem like the best career move.

TL//DR: Young Pageviews Resigns from Barstool Sports