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Year 5 Vendetta State Of The Union

State Of The Union
The year 5 Vendetta State of the Union is here. We have a story to tell as we set the tone for 2023.

Year 5 Vendetta State Of The Union

A war is coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about what’s to come. For a long, long time, I never quite understood exactly who I am. For the first time in my life, I know exactly who I am and you’re all in trouble. Buckle up because we have a lot to get to in the year 5 Vendetta State of the Union.

Let me give you all a quick peek behind the curtain of Trey. I am a literal crazy person. I’ve come a long way to just being a real person that functions in society. Even now, it’s still hard but we’ve come a long way. If you closed all of the gyms down and took away my medicine (that you may or may not know what it is) I would be in a straight jacket locked up somewhere or dead. That’s just the truth. I’ve also learned that it’s not really my fault. I’m cursed in a lot of ways and we’re going to make the best of it. Is it really my fault if I have crazy in my DNA?

IF we were living in the times of the ancient Spartans, I can promise you things would be different. An army would be marching and whipping out entire groups of people. There would be spears down throats while I laugh and watch them bleed out. There would be people getting skinned like a deer. By the time we caused enough chaos, I assume most would have exiled themselves from future punishment. They all must repent for this world they created.

Except I’m not allowed to say that anymore because it’s now 2023. We’re not allowed to be violent in any sort of way. That’s ok. I’ll play by the rules. I will beat them with my brain because there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I’m the most talented person in this industry. Anyone that’s ever had the pleasure of meeting me knows it in their mind too even if they don’t want to actually admit it. The best part is when I actually do it, we’re going to look the part too. Can you do a one-armed pullup? The haters should be very, very terrified and if you gave the establishment truth serum, they would tell you they’re worried.

For the record, I never said I’m off limits either. I’ve taken a very Family Feud style approach with a lot of things at the site. Sometimes I think I have the answer and sometimes I don’t. I ask for opinions constantly and I want my own people taking shots at me to make sure I stay on course. Just know there will be a time when the establishment tries to step into the mud. It will be the worst mistake they’ve ever made. I live in the mud. They won’t beat me in the mud. I will be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I will blend in while sucking you into my domain all in one twist.

Don’t worry, I will beat them at their own game. We’re going to cover the news. We’re going to follow the AP rules of spelling out numbers one through ten. We’re going to get kids into school and get them graduated by being professionals. Make no mistake about it. This is very much a hate-filled agenda. The only difference is nobody has the balls to do what I’m doing and we’re just getting started. I have failed if I do not rebuild this thing the right way.

This is the first year that I actually think I figured out who I am. I believe that authenticity wins in life and I’m just going to be myself. The only way I’ve ever succeeded in anything in life is by being myself. Y’all going to learn today and for those too ignorant to pay attention, they will learn the hard way. What I didn’t realize is that I may be crazy, but I’m also a genius too. It’s not meant to sound egotistical. I just know the truth now. The truth hurts but boy does it set you free. Creating Vendetta is the best decision I’ve ever made and I think that’s pretty undeniable to say at this point given everything that has transpired over these last five years.

I get to sit at home every day while working for myself and getting to talk about sports. How many people can say that? I’m so cool and shame on anybody who doesn’t see it. I’m not saying I’m a baby faced cutie like Jack Hughes but… I’m a fire man rocket. Do you have a partnership with the New York City Department of Education while never having to step foot inside the city itself? I didn’t think so. I’m a hero and you will respect me.

Did you know I was my high school’s scholar athlete? You can bet your ass I didn’t put my best foot forward when it comes to school. I am by no means the quickest learner. Sometimes I just don’t get things. However, If I have processed the information, I will remember. I always remember. I’ve also learned that’s probably not normal. Is there another person in the world that could have started watching hockey three years ago and now pummels ESPN’s top guy? When I put my mind to something, I will be victorious and I know not everyone can say that. We will not waste this talent that the Universe has graciously provided. I’m just going to do it my way.

To every advantage is a disadvantage. My sick memory is a curse and a blessing in many ways. I can see inside my childhood bedroom watching three year old Trey putting his ear up against the door hearing my own mother say “we’re going to have problems with him”. Most kids wouldn’t know better today but I remember and it never goes away. I see the board very clearly. We’re going to use this hatred and turn it into a positive. Sometimes evil is necessary to complete the mission.

Deep down inside, I actually am a good person. I am the most loyal friend you will ever have. If you ride for me, I will die for you. Even my ex-girlfriend would tell you that I’m the greatest man she’s ever met. I hope she’s not mad at me for saying that. Just know I love hard. I’m a ride or die straight to the core. If you tell me a secret, it goes to the grave with me. However, if I feel as though you have crossed me, you’re better off trying to deal with the devil instead of me. I will take myself down if it means beating the enemy in battle. I’m the most vindictive son of a b*** you will ever meet. This company is named Vendetta Sports for a reason. This is my way of striking back.

You and I both know the truth. This industry is broken and absolutely disgusting in every way possible. There is no more fall in line to hope that you move up the line. No, no, no. I am the captain now and there are going to be a lot of internet bodies laid to rest by the time I’m done here. Trust me, I pray for peace, but I’m always ready for war. I wish there was another way but we’re past the point of repair. I will burn this industry to the ground and I can promise you it’s for the better. We’re going to rebuild it while doing the right thing in the process. It’s the only way.

The days of Stephen A saying ignorant things will be a thing of the past. The days of Skip making millions by falsely accusing Troy Aikman of being gay are over. The revolution is coming.

I am from the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Elementary school were the worst years of my life. Every single day I went into school, five rat kids had something to say. If I didn’t fight back, I got it worse at home instead. As someone with mental health issues, you can imagine how that went. It got so bad that I actually peed on a kid on purpose. I got in trouble but my only punishment that I had to do is re-write the school rules on paper. That’s because they knew what was going on every day. I even bashed a kid’s head against a brick wall over and over and didn’t get in trouble. Every single day in elementary school was a battle.

I don’t know why it had to be this way. Do you have any idea what it was like to be the black sheep of your own family? To have your own mother admit she likes your brother better than you? Now she’s living in a car on the street and would probably be better off for everyone if she was dead. That’s just the iceberg so I’ll stop before I go to a place it doesn’t need to go.

Don’t ask me why it had to be this way. I couldn’t tell you Fansided decided to disrespect me. I don’t have a clue why the leader of the Penguin site decided to show up two hours late after I was supposed to meet him for the first time because he needed his haircut and lied about paying me. I have no idea why Baseball Info Solutions laid me off because of COVID, then asked me to reapply only to deny me back entry. I have no idea why the IronPigs never valued me and never would have promoted me past folding laundry.

I can go on and on but you get the point. It wasn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows for Trey. Maybe I shouldn’t complain. Several have it worse than me and I’m not denying that. Just know I remember and the past holds secrets too. Unlike them, I will do something about it because I’m talented enough to truly make a difference. I’m grateful for that. You know, they try to teach you in school that two wrongs don’t make a right. I just don’t agree. I think the path of darkness is sometimes the correct path. Have you seen the show Lucifer? Are you trying to tell me he has ZERO positive qualities? Passing on Trey will be the worst mistake the enemy ever made. It’s too late now. I have a personal Vendetta that will be on display for the entire world to see.

I only live my life via the Chinese farmer now. It’s something I’ve learned recently. The Chinese farmer always says maybe. Maybe all of this needed to happen because I’m the only one capable of doing what needs to be done. The universe created a caged animal and I only care to watch this sports industry burn. I won’t sell out like the rest of them did because money can’t change me. I’m already dead inside. I only seek vengeance and it’s going to be a glorious story to tell. I want glory, not money.

I look like a Greek god without my shirt on. This site turns five years old in February and I’ve written over 5,500 blog posts. That’s while managing a team of 50+ and doing eight other jobs all at the same time. I’ve been offered so much money for this site that I could buy a castle in Arkansas. I’m going to change the world and the truth is I already have. Find me another human that can do that. You can’t and you won’t. I will be better.

Speaking of humans, I’ve learned that there are a lot of fake ones out there. There is this theory out there (that I now agree with) that the people that don’t have a voice in their head are fake humans. That the voice is what connects you to your soul. I know how well we see the board and I know this isn’t the first time I’ve been in battle. I know my soul has been through wars before many centuries ago because I feel each and every one of them. It’s hard being Trey but I know deep down I’m the leader that this world needs. I will educate the public on sports better than any other human that’s ever existed and I’m going to make a lot of people look bad by doing it. I have a point to prove.

I believe this is my purpose in life. I believe I’ve lived past lives and have changed the world before. This may or may not be my final mission but I plan on conquering the quest while I’m here. I will expose the frauds in this industry and I will educate the world in the process.

I believe that human evolution is real. Up until this point, nobody had the balls to do what I’m doing. They told me to go be a teacher because nobody born where I was had a chance to succeed. People like us were never getting hired for those big time jobs. I don’t have the right last name and don’t have a rich enough friend to recruit ownership so screw me, right? No chance. I have no problem betting on myself because I know the truth. Go ask the real OG Vendetta members that have been here. There are a lot of people here who have hitched their lottery ticket to the Trey wagon because they know what I do. This is their best chance to succeed and I just might be the crazy one to somehow pull this dream off.

The sports industry has decided the dumbest people have the biggest voice. The biggest clowns make the most money. I don’t know of another industry that has created a system where the biggest idiots make the most money. You and I both know the truth and it’s time for change.

The army is growing stronger and stronger by the day. People get smarter by being here and it shows. I pride myself on being a natural born leader and will do my part to get the most out of people. I’ll hire the people they won’t and we know exactly what I mean by that. There are so many talented people that deserve opportunities but never will get them because they don’t fit a certain narrative. Women should be more valued than having to sit at a desk watching two grown men yell at each other over nothing. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. I will make sure that changes with this revolution.

The process has only begun and it’s just a matter of time before the angry mob becomes louder. Sean Allen is going down to the ground. Because no, I don’t think it’s okay for me to have started watching hockey two years ago and for me to humiliate everyone in fantasy because his rankings suck. Todd McShay will have nightmares about me. Because no, I don’t think it’s okay that he’s allowed to ruin the earning potential of kids because he has a platform to spread lies. Just wait until I have real resources. It’s going to get ugly and I’m not close to done. I’ll be the bad guy. It’s okay.

They’re all going to learn the hard way. The resume speaks for itself at this point. Half the reason why we get so many clicks and are years ahead of schedule is because people are finding the site over things that I’ve been right about. It’s about 98.7% of the time. What they don’t know is I’ve been doing this since I was three years old and I always remember. It’s like trying to learn a different language. I learned sports at three. You will never be as good at it as me when it comes to evaluating talent and team-building concepts because all of this is fluent. For everyone else, it’s a second language.

I know I can’t win this war alone, so don’t worry, I won’t. It’s going to take an army and we’re slowly building the soldiers. I’ll hire people the establishment won’t. The smartest and brightest of stars will shine here and infect Universities nationwide. Only the people who truly want to be great make it at Vendetta because I don’t accept anything less. Only the strong and crazy survive the winter storm. The light at the underground tunnel is very near and I’m covered in mud ready to bite your face off. A war is coming. I promise you that. The world is going to find out that they pissed the wrong guy off.

Just know that I tried to warn you and that it really didn’t have to be this way. I guess it’s just the way the universe re-writes itself over and over again. Strong people create good times. Good times create weak people. Weak people create bad times. Bad times create strong people.

The good people like Stuart Scott and Chris Berman made this industry beautiful. I never really wanted part of it with my goal always being to want to run an actual team. However, if I had to settle for the media route, guys like that were an inspiration. The good times those guys made created a bunch of greedy pigs that have gotten a little too fat and happy. They mock this industry every day and then double down with the next loudmouth that has something stupid to say next. Even the numbers companies like PFF may as well be taken out with the rest of the trash. When the analytics people put out a mock draft that says Emory Jones is a top ten pick, at what point am I really the bad guy? It’s created bad times for the rest of us. The people that actually have integrity.

I will not stop until my mission is complete and who knows, by the end of it maybe one of these sports franchises will be smart enough to call me. Because they know there’s too much money on the line for them not to. I am going to embarrass a lot of people and we feel very confident in our ability to do so. I am the most talented person in this industry and I will continue to prove it day after day.

Make no mistake about it. This will be the greatest place to work in the sports media world. We will never be a greedy environment. We will treat people the right way and wine and dine them on the right occasion. We will promise to be better than the old regime when the tables have turned.

The history of sports media coverage is very new in terms of human history and I want everyone to know that the bad times have created strong people. I’m going to ransack your village and I dare you to stop me. You will remember the name Trey Daubert and I promise you I’m going to change the world. It’s time for you to decide which part of the story you want your name etched in stone. The universe has sent me on a mission and I plan on fulfilling it. I will burn this sports industry to the ground and it will be for the better.

Internal & External Statements

Last year I compared the company to an eight-year-old child. Capable of surviving but sure as hell not able to be a real functioning person in the wild. It’s time for all of the Vendetta soldatos on the pirate ship to start looking the part. ALL of the writers are paid. ALL of the behind the scenes people are paid. The site itself goes zoom, zoom now too. We all love Scarlett’s redesign. We have a nice ad deal and have had our fair share of sponsored content too. In one year’s time, we’re probably an 18-year-old who’s ready to truly take on the world. The rest of the people in this building need to start acting like it too. By no means are we totally thriving but the future is ours to take.

The move to Las Vegas is officially a go this Summer. The company will be moving there on a full time basis in 2023. It’s a whole new ball game when that shoe drops this year.


We have hit the 1,000 subscriber mark and YouTube monetization is on the way (even if we’re dealing with some BS right now). Something we’re really proud of accomplishing this past year.

The overall goal remains the same. We will create the best sports media blog reality show in the game. We will be the educated circus that seeks to cause havoc at every turn. The real goal remains the same. To create the best product possible while continuing to reinforce the army while the enemy stays asleep at the wheel.

Continuing to build partnerships will be a heavy focus heading into this year. With hopefully one major one coming in the works soon. We need friends where we’re going and I know more and more people will continue to buy into this cause. We’re going to give it to you hard and dirty, and you’re going to like it and will have a smile on your face by the time I’m done. It’s always a pleasure doing business with Trey. There’s an honor and respect code to every relationship we take part in.

A lot of this is up to the team. Who’s going to join me in the promise land? The fantastic people at Ezoic have given everyone the opportunity to create jobs for themselves right away. They just need to blog the way Trey can because right now I’m smoking everyone. Check the author post count on the featured page…

2023 should be about promoting our awesome personalities that people are unfamiliar with unless you’re actually in our company Slack. The live streaming needs to take a step forward. The podcasts have to take a step forward. The blog numbers should be outrageous with or without my contributions. It’s time for the brand itself to take a step forward on social media. The video content needs to promote who we are. The best edgy sports platform the world has to offer.

2023 is when the tides really turn. Believe that.

Leadership Agendas

The circle of control is 7. My voice falls on deaf ears sometimes. We need people within the group to start becoming leaders. I don’t make anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do. People within our team need to start being leaders in their own respective Slack channel.

Closing Remarks

We are more than our thoughts. Our thoughts could be correct. Our thoughts could be incorrect. My thoughts are valid because I am smart.

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yess war is coming everyone buy gold and my self-help book on how to be cool!! yes yes buy gold and do one armed pullups because that’s sooo cool. wait where am I? nursing home? mother’s basement.
I haven’t cried since I was six but I’m crying now.
Also Garret is the true mvp king of this website! not this other dude cheezit person

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