The Yankees Marched into Los Angeles This Weekend and Put the Entire Baseball World on Notice (John McCoy/Getty Images)

So my last piece on the Yankees’ demolition of the A.L. East didn’t age so well off the bat. Of course, right after I brag for 1000 words about how unstoppable they are, the Yankees go on to tie their season high losing streak capped off by a 3 game sweep in Oakland. That’s fine. I knew the boys wouldn’t let that sorry shit in the Coliseum carry over to L.A. for the weekend. They’ve been too damn good for that all year. So they did exactly what I thought they’d do. They walked right into Los Angeles and showed the Dodgers, nay, the entire baseball universe why they deserve that top spot in the Power Rankings.

This series had become a big one between the Yankees and Dodgers that many were saying had World Series implications, with both teams holding the best record in their respective leagues. To be completely honest, I was a bit worried heading into the series. The Yankees were admittedly stumbling a little coming out of Oakland, and the Dodgers at home with Ryu and Kershaw slated to start isn’t exactly a welcoming sight on the schedule. Fortunately for me, the boys in pinstripes put all that worry to rest.

10 runs on 16 hits. The Yankees adopted Hyun-Jin Ryu and made him their son over the course of 4 and a third innings. He was actually O.K. through 4 innings, only allowing solo shots to both Judge and Sanchez. The Savages got to Ryu for good in the 5th though, loading the bases for their Knight in shining armor.

Didi’s blast pretty much put the Dodge Squad away for good. The Yankees added some insurance later on with Gleyber Torres’ 32nd dinger on the year and Gregorius’ second blast on the game in the ninth inning.

James Paxton finally performed like the man we traded for. If this guy can just quit giving up first-inning runs, he would be an all-world pitcher for us. We saw last night what it does for his confidence to get out of that first inning unscathed. It was, indeed a beautiful thing to watch.

Game 2 of the series went just about completely different. Probably one of the boring games I’ll watch all year, but I’ll take a 2-1 loss over a double digit ass-whooping any day of the week. Not much else to really say about this middle game. It was nice to see C.C. work through 4 relatively easy innings, but aside from Aaron Judge the bats just went quiet. If there was one game this series that I would’ve bet on the Yankees definitely winning, it would’ve been this one, but then again most of the time things don’t go my way. I’d be lying straight to your face if I told you the Yankees were going to walk into L.A. and sweep the Dodgers. I’m a die hard fan, not a delusional one. Which brings us to the rubber game last night.

Apparently, the Yankees needed one more inning for their bats to wake up a night prior, as DJ LeMahieu led off the game with his 22nd homer of the year.

This was a massive tone-setter off of Kershaw. I’m a huge proponent of an intimidation factor when it comes to these big-time arms throwing in front of their home town crowds. Especially with the lack of experience that oozes throughout this lineup, breaking through early on a guy like Kershaw can take that pressure off of the bats right from the get-go. Not to mention, this home run was the Bombers’ 59th of August, which broke an MLB record for home runs in a single month. Not that it matters. I want rings not records.

Despite his road ERA growing north of 5.00 this season, I always feel good when Domingo is on the bump. He’s essentially been a reincarnation of 2018 Luis Severino all year long, and I’ve seen him be too good at this point to have any loss of faith in him moving forward. That all went out the window when he gave up this first pitch leadoff moonshot to Joc Pederson.

Welp, Domingo should’ve taken one more warm-up pitch because that right there was his only mistake through 6 brilliant innings of 5-hit ball. In fact, Los Angeles wouldn’t score again, and the Yankees would continue to chip away, dinger after dinger, at Kershaw until his eventual exit after seven. First, it was Big Aaron Judge in the 3rd inning with his third home run in as many nights. The man must like Hollywood. Go figure.

The New York Yankees don’t win the World Series this year if it’s not Aaron Judge leading them there. Simple as that. He is undeniably the unofficial captain of this ball club, and there will be no promised land in 2019 without him pointing us in the right direction. It took a little longer than we all had hoped, but Aaron Judge is getting HOT at just the right time, and it arouses me sexually.

In the 6th inning, the Pride of Princeton Mike Ford decided to fuck around and take Kershaw for a ride on a piss missile that ended up in the right-center field seats. An RBI double by Ford a couple of innings later pushed the score to 4-1, and my personal hero Gio Urshela put a bow on the damn thing with an RBI single in the top of the 9th.

All in all, it proved to be a pretty successful trip out west for the Yanks, if we all just agree to forget about those three days in Oakland. They made a good team bleed this weekend, and honestly made it look pretty damn easy. Cody Bellinger went 1-6 on the weekend with one measly little single. He was a non-issue, and so was the rest of their lineup for that matter. The Yankees showed the Dodgers this weekend what they should be scared of come October, and they showed the rest of baseball that to win it all you’re going to have to beat a team that’s better than you.