Yankees get shutout for the first time in over a year, proceed to not even care and put up a 10 spot the very next day (Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

This freakin’ team man. They cannot be brought down. I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago that the Yankees longest losing streak on the season was four games. The next day they’d embark on, you guessed it, a four-game losing streak. Did they wallow in their shit? Nay, they walked into Los Angeles the following weekend and wiped the floor clean with the N.L.’s alleged “best team.” Again, my boys made me eat my words when they got shut out for the first time in over a calendar year on Monday afternoon. To the Texas Rangers of all teams. I mostly thought it comical, the fact that such a streak would end at the hands of such a lowly franchise. But alas, it’s baseball, so I laughed it off and turned my attention towards a more pressing issue: would the Yankees’ bats bounce back after being completely silenced for the first time all year?

The Bombers didn’t take long to answer the following day, as El Gary Sanchize hopped up with two outs in the first inning and jolted his 33rd dinger of the year to give the pinstriped gentlemen an early 2-0 lead.

It’s preposterous to me that anybody ever doubted this man. He is an absolute force of nature that up to this point this season, has only been contained by injury. I love Gary Sanchez. I know that for certain. From this point up until the sixth inning, this baseball game was ridiculously boring. I will not lie to you. I fell asleep. Do not fret though. The sound of Sir Didi Gregorius blasting this 3-run homer deep into the Bronx night woke me right the hell up. To boot, no-good-out-of-shape Gary Sanchez blasted his second of the game immediately after. Gary’s 34 home runs on the year are a franchise record for home runs by a catcher in a single season. Ho-Hum.

The Parrot-Man Edwin Encarnacion returned from the I.L. and decided his birdie had spent enough time caged up.

Edwin’s blast made it an even 10 run lead for the Yanks. The Rangers managed to score one measly little run in the top of the ninth, but all-in-all this was a pretty flawless performance on behalf of the New York Yankees. The real highlight was watching the Big Maple James Paxton deal perfect game type stuff.

The man was masterful — an absolute delight to watch. Paxton and Tanaka are currently the only guys in this rotation that you can go to with confidence in the postseason. Of course, I have faith in guys like Domingo German and J.A. Happ. But, Domingo has little to no experience pitching in a playoff atmosphere, and Happ has been buns on the bump (how do I trademark that phrase?) virtually all year long. Right now, if Paxton continues to throw like he did yesterday and Tanaka can build on his already impressive playoff resume, the Yankees might have a somewhat formidable 1-2 punch going into October. Not to mention, Severino and Montgomery are on the come-up and could provide a much-needed boost. Nevertheless, if we keep mashing baseballs like we’ve done every single day this season, then we’ll be just fine with a blind man on the mound. God bless this group of fine young men.

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