Donald Parham
Donald Parham is ready to make an impact in the NFL. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

In a shortened XFL season tight end, Donald Parham was among the league’s most dominant players. In his five-game stint with the Dallas Renegades the huge 6-foot-8, 260-pound tight end produced impressive numbers. He recorded 24 receptions on 43 targets, with 307 yards and 4 TDs. That made him 3rd in receiving yards and tied him for 2nd in TDs. After the XFL shut down, the LA Chargers signed Donald Parham, looking to recreate the magic he had in the XFL.

Although he has had plenty of competition in training camp, Parham has survived all of the cuts so far. Even the starting tight end, Hunter Henry, praised him for his performance. Hunter stated that Donald Parham, “has a lot of talent”, and that he “can move really well, too, for how big he is”.

“I was really surprised Donald didn’t get drafted a couple of years ago just because he has rare traits. When you’re a scout, you’re always looking for things that differentiate you from other players”

Jim Nagy-Senior Bowl Executive

Donald Parham touts a 7-foot wingspan and 36-inch vertical, which no doubt has helped his ability to perform in training camp. Many scouts and observers of Parham called his catch radius “rare and unusual” due to the sheer size of it. Incorporating his large size with his 4.6 40 time, and Donald Parham is an all-around threat on the football field.

At only 23 years of age, Donald Parham has had many twists and turns in his football career. When asked about the trajectory of his career, Parham quickly responded. “I always want to keep on the steady increase in terms of leveling up my game as well as my career. So I’m definitely focused on not stepping back, but always taking a step forward.”

With all of the noise, that Donald Parham is making this training camp and even Hunter Henry praising him; it will not be long until he becomes a starting tight end in the NFL. Parham has all the right skills and work ethic to make it. Now that he has his chance to make an impact, he most certainly will not disappoint.