Xander Bogaerts
The Red Sox pitching staff stinks and Xander Bogaerts knows it. He did not try to lie about what it’s like watching this pitching staff every day. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Red Sox pitching staff stinks. That wasn’t really a secret. Martin Perez, Ryan Weber, Josh Osich, and soon Matt Hall will all have started games for Boston this year. You want to talk about ugly? I’m not sure even die hard baseball fans know those players. Being on the field and knowing your pitching staff stinks isn’t easy. Xander Bogaerts is the team lead and did not shy away from the truth when asked about watching the pitchers on his team.


“It’s rough, bro,” Bogaerts said. “[Expletive], it’s tough, it’s tough. Obviously it’s not just like one run. It’s a couple of runs and then they just find a way to add on before we can get something going. It kind of separated pretty quick by a couple of runs and it gets tough.”

“We were down 7-0 and we just kind of chip, chip, chip and this is showing the offense we have,” Bogaerts said. “Obviously we’ve got guys who haven’t been swinging the way we know we can. That’s going to change. This team is just built so good offensively. We proved that we can come back. We’re capable of doing that.”

Bogaerts paused before adding, “I mean, if you’ve got to score eight, nine, 10 runs every game, I think honestly it’s a little tough.”

At this point, I just want the Red Sox to have the first pick in the draft so they can get Kumar Rocker. I hope they are the worst team in baseball this year. My wish list for this year is Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers have great years. The rest of the team finds a way to get the first pick. At the deadline, Chaim Bloom makes some great trades to build for the future. This was always going to be a lost season for the Red Sox and Xander Bogaerts knows it.