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Ben Simmons

AP Photo/Chris Szagola

Why is Ben Simmons Scared to Shoot?

Ben Simmons
AP Photo/Chris Szagola

No, Ben Simmons is nowhere close to being a good shooter, this isn’t news. But it almost seems like he is absolutely petrified to shoot the ball. What kind of operation are they running over there in Philly? If Ben Simmons shoots he gets tortured? Don’t get me wrong, despite not being able to shoot, Ben Simmons is a very efficient basketball player. He can pass, rebound, defend, everything but shoot essentially. Simply because he couldn’t shoot, I said he was a bust when he came out of college. He has then proven me wrong about his ability. I overestimated the need to be able to shoot to play in the NBA and that is on me. But Simmons should never be afraid to shoot as much as he is.

Ben Simmons Stats

It’s very rare to see a shot ATTEMPT from outside the paint from Simmons. However, as I said, he is still efficient. He scores 16.2 PPG on 55% shooting (this is inflated because of lack of shots from outside the paint), 7.9 APG, and 8.3 RPG over his career. One of Vendetta’s own, Garrett Burroughs, goes into the more advanced shooting stats here:

“He is a career 55% field goal percent shooter. Take a closer look. For his career, between 3-10 feet, he is shooting 40% from the field. From 10-16 feet, Ben Simmons is shooting at a 29% clip. And we all know that he has never hit a 3 pointer in his career, which in of itself is embarrassing. From the free-throw line is somehow even worse, at 58%. For reference, Shaquille O’Neal shot 52%. HE IS A CENTER.”

For not being able to shoot, this is impressive that he can still be that efficient in every other aspect of the game. He’s essentially playing like a big man that can pass. Simmons was an All-Star last year as well. If he could shoot at least average, he’d be one of the best players in the NBA unequivocally.

I literally have no idea why he’s so scared to shoot. Marco Belinelli is shooting literally bricks for every house in San Antonio and he isn’t scared to shoot. KCP is playing many undeserved minutes and AIRBALLS LAYUPS. Stop being scared! YOU ARE GOING TO MISS SHOTS IN THE NBA. Everyone knows that Simmons isn’t a good shooter, so what is the problem with shooting it then? If everyone is expecting you to miss, then there’s literally no repercussions for shooting and missing, especially if your team has a sizable lead, what’s the issue? We see all these videos of Ben Simmons shooting and making shots in practice, but unless you’re doing it in the game, those sessions are worthless. SHOOT THE BALL BEN SIMMONS, STOP BEING A PUSSY.


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