Anthony Edwards Will Be a Bust
(Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Anthony Edwards will be a bust.

There are many reasons: not being careful with the ball, wasting possessions, and a poor three-point shooting percentage, to name a few.

Not Being Careful With The Ball

Anthony Edwards has poor quality ball control, and his 2.7 turnovers a game prove that. With just .1 more assist a game, Edwards showed that he is a good slasher but will not succeed as a ball-handler or anything but a score-first player. By having 2.7 turnovers, Edwards has shown he cannot take over the ball and focus on playing on the wings; he risks more turnovers in the NBA, which has a much more formidable defense.

Wasting Possesions

At 2.7 turnovers a game, Edwards cost his team every game. Along with a low shooting percentage of 40%. Ayo Dosumu made nine fewer field goals than Edwards on 100 fewer shots. At a rough 29% success rate, hitting three-pointers, Edwards is chucking up prayers and hoping they’ll fall in. By wasting possessions, Edwards will hurt whatever team he is on. Without ball control or a confident and consistent shot, Edwards will end up as one of the worst lottery picks of all time. This doesn’t seem like a No. 1 overall pick to me.

Three-Point Percentage Is Terrible

Shotting threes at only 29%, Edwards shows he is only a two-level scorer inside the paint and mid-range. Without a three-pointer, it will be tough to succeed in an NBA that relies on the three-point shot more than ever. With an NBA line deeper than the NCAA, Edwards will have an even more challenging time in the NBA. Anthony Edwards will be a bust.